The best proven ways to use Black Friday to sell more tickets for your events.

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Posted on November 12, 2019

Long gone is the time when Black Friday was only about electronics and clothing. It now brings huge discounts on products from various segments and the best news are: you can use Black Friday to sell more tickets to your events!

Black Friday is just two weeks away. On 2019, it’ll happen on November 29th. If you want your agency to organize a successful Black Friday for your clients, there is no more time to waste. You have a few days to design a sales strategy that meets satisfactory performance both on revenue and customer experience.

Proven ways to sell more tickets for your event on Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cybermonday.

To make your Black Friday success closer to your business, it is also advisable to combine different actions to increase revenue.

While your agency might be already well prepared, leveraging Black Friday to sell more depends on a combination of being creative and following best practices. Often, there are small details that make a whole difference when aiming to ensure expected results.

1. Extend the time window (but not too much)

In addition to Black Friday, other similar events emerged and consistently affected trade. The main one is a Cyber Monday. On 2019, it’ll work like this:

2. Create experience deals

Giving a present to someone who has everything is difficult. However, Black Friday offers the possibility to promote your clients with premium branded experiences and special moments. It may be something that everyone dreams about or even something completely unexpected. Driving a Motorsport car on a race track or a romantic weekend at a spa? A balloon flight or a fancy party?

Any special moment that gets into one’s mind is an experience. Your clients will surely get excited about the idea of craving their brands in their customers minds. If they already offer this kind of experiences, go ahead and plan a nice discount to take advantage of the lack of guilt to spend that affects consumer’s behavior during this season.

3. Create a special black Friday discount coupon for all of your next programmed events.

With how many events and experiences  are you or your agency involved with? Time to create discount coupons for all of them now! No need to say you have to advertise it properly. Black Friday is much more of a sales-driven date than a personalized-product-creation season. We’re just reaching the two days of the year the sell the most! Anything else left to say?

4. Email marketing your list with this special offer

Email marketing has a ROI of more than 40. Create a special email for your black Friday campaign with, at least a kick-off email and a countdown to finish email.

  • Kick off email: send on Thanksgiving, Thursday evening.
  • Countdown to the end of promotion: send on CyberMonday, in the morning.
  • Ideally, you can also start warming up your customers with a two to three email sequence before Black Friday.

5. Prepare in advance

Why we, marketers, insist on thinking that we’ll never run out of time? If that’ not your case, congrats! If that is, go through this checklist:

  • Create a killer deal
  • Prepare to reach consumers in the bottom of the funnel
  • Think about up selling to returning customers
  • Make sure your live chat and sales support have a plan
  • Invest on ads
  • Invest on re-targeting
  • Think mobile first
  • Continue reading the other items of this post =D

6. Post on social media to reinforce scarcity

Start to say something is coming before it really comes. And make it professional – users are gonna be bombarded with ads. So non-professional designs will most likely be ignored.

  • Mobile sales dominated desktop for the first time in 2017, and yet many retailers are still approaching mobile as an afterthought. 
  • Don’t be shy about letting shoppers know a deal is about to end. Show a countdown whenever it’s possible.
  • With an attractive, well-designed social campaign, it’s even possible to sell DNA tests! And here’s the proof:

7. Gift cards

Gift-giving is a marketi on it’s own. National Retail Federation stated that, in 2018, 69% of the expenditure through Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday were on gifts.

Outback dining experience gift card.

8. Be bold

The average price discount during Black Friday is 24%. While you might think that’s too much, remember that in some sectors it might reach more than 50%. Experiences are one of the most value-aggregated merchandises available at the market and, if you events pricing strategies are right, it’s perfectly possible to remove a quarter of the price in exchange for selling out the tickets. Remember:

  • 5% is not a discount
  • There are tools to identify who is overpricing experiences just before Black Friday and giving fake discounts during the date.
  • Cyber Monday has overtaken Black Friday as the top shopping day of the year, so don’t centralize your discount strategy focusing only on the very day of Black Friday.
  • Digital advertising also need to be firmly attached to this opportunity to leverage your action outcomes on Black Friday.

9. Post-sale value stacking

After one purchase, there’s 27% chance a customer will buy from you again

In order to organize a good Black Friday sale, you have to study what are the main objections your audience and tackle them by overcoming sales objections. But that’s not enough. Before satisfying their needs for having a much wanted on-site experience, they first need to have a frictionless shopping experience

  • Meet deadlines to validate your brand promise.
  • Prepare your sales support for a temporary overload.
  • Keep customers informed.

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