4 key takeaways from the Hybrid Shake-Up

Corporate Event Trends

4 key takeaways from the Hybrid Shake-Up

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Discover the key takeaways from our latest event that will help you power up your hybrid events. The Hybrid Shake-Up was an...

AI in events: 4 ways to create a personalized attendee experience

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The best ways organizers can apply AI in events to create better, more personalized attendee experiences....

Virtual conferences:
best platforms, features,
and best-in-class in 2020

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As the COVID-19 pandemic has brought tough challenges to the event industry, many of the traditional actors have been forced to...

How to be successful with sponsors for virtual events [5 point sponsor strategy]

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As marketers feel an increasing demand from management to demonstrate online conferences ROI, sponsors for virtual events becomes...

Storytelling Top 3: cases of captivating and consistent brand messages.

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Now that you already know the 7 steps to create perfect storytelling, let’s get back to the foundations: every successful...

Events in the healthcare industry, with Event Coordinator Rennan Tonini.

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How to pass the credibility of a product with a tone a voice that is simultaneously commercial, but also scientific? Medical...

Event production common mistakes to avoid in 2020.

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As important as what you should do, it’s what you should not. Event production common mistakes can ruin weeks or even months of...

InEvent releases a Trial Plan for free

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Great News: Now you can test InEvent’s platform for free! On this plan, event planners can enjoy the basic functions for a...

7 steps of great storytelling

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Creating storytelling means much more than just concerning a generic story for your brand or event. It means to create a...

InEvent at TechDay NY!

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InEvent will attend TechDay, the largest startup event in US! TechDay is the greatest moment to experience the latest...

3 corporate event trends for 2019

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Some habits fall behind as new event trends emerge in the MICE industry every year. Event organizers who want to stay relevant...

InEvent takes on solutions for small corporate events

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InEvent presents solutions for different types of corporate events, from small, medium to large. Each event demands a...

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