InEvent announces new tool for 100% online conferences and task force to help affected countries.

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Posted on March 13, 2020

A big challenge is ahead for the events industry due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And to anticipate the new demands that conferences and trade shows will have throughout the year of 2020, InEvent takes the lead and announces a new range of features to help event organizers to go through the volatility of this moment.


A quick response to a whole new ambient.

It’s definitely not the first time that the event industry community faces uncertainty. In response to this unexpected trend, live events are moving to 100% digital formats. And as an immediate adherence to this new market need, InEvent announces the launch of  it’s new tool for  virtual and online events: Virtual Lobby.


Host live experiences in a fully equipped virtual lobby.

Built up especially to serve online conferences needs, Virtual Lobby enables data-rich events to be held remotely, in an easy-to-discover, fully interactive virtual lobby.

 “InEvent’s new Virtual Lobby solution wants to help get through this disruption by leveraging virtual and online events.”, comments InEvent CEO, Pedro Góes.

InEvent’s Virtual Lobby interface: attractive and intuitive.


He anticipates the new feature as a “all in one live content, networking and video chat platform. Works with the InEvent mobile app and has integrations with the main video platforms”.

Implementing and promoting engaging virtual meetups with Virtual Lobby promises to be smooth, as it’s been designed to provide a safe environment, where business can happen just as in-person.

Also, integrations with communication solutions such as Zoom, on 24, Facebook Live, Google Meet and Webex, will be available by just embedding a live video on your event site / virtual lobby.


“The Impact of COVID-19 on Corporate Events” recommendations report and live webinar coming out early next week.

Among our efforts to curate quality information and share it with the community, we’ve published a strategic report containing COVID-19 fact box, risk assessment checklist and recommendations. It’s already available and you can claim your copy through this link.

Also, a live webinar will be held to help the discussion on taking a realistic and pragmatic approach. You can click here to save your spot.


COVID-19 special task force update

Due to the commitment to minimizing damage to our fellow colleagues working in the industry, InEvent has also created a special task force for all countries affected by COVID-19. If that’s your case, you’ll be able to use the InEvent platform for free until May 28th 2020. You can check if you’re eligible in this list, as well as claim this benefit.



InEvent’s platform new feature Virtual Lobby: an easy to discover, fully interactive virtual lobby to hold your live/online experiences.


InEvent is a leader all-in-one event analytics platform that transforms attendees into customers. More than 2.4 million attendees have registered for conferences and celebrations organized with InEvent software, by 265+ companies.


Click here to learn more about the all in one live content, networking and video chat tool Virtual Lobby.


Implementation of Virtual Lobby is on it’s final phase. It’s expected to be out by early April 2020.

How much

For a limited time, the feature will be provided on the Essential plan, which is the first and most affordable plan. For users of affected countries, it will be available for free until May 28th 2020.

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