InEvent wins “Best Conference Technology (under 10,000 attendees)”

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InEvent wins “Best Conference Technology (under 10,000 attendees)”

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On 3 November 2021, InEvent was announced the winner in the category of Best Conference Technology (under 10,000 attendees) at...

360° Key Takeaways Hybrid: Creating Experiences & Generating Profits

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Session led by Nicole Nichols, Associate Director of Marketing & Events at The New York Academy of Medicine on the journey to...

Demystifying Engagement: How to connect with your audience

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Connecting with your audience is key to demystifying any form of engagement when it comes to event management. Liz King graced...

Hybrid Events

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Everything you need to know about hybrid events What are hybrid events? The easiest way to understand what hybrid events are is...

Tech innovations that are transforming virtual events

Views: 2239

Our top picks of tech innovations that promise to make hybrid and virtual events that much better. Nearing the end of 2020, the...

How Covid-19 will change the future of virtual events forever

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Here’s how the pandemic will continue to influence the future of virtual events. Covid has left an undeniable mark on all...

B2B marketing for virtual events

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Here’s what you need to know about B2B marketing for virtual events in 2021! B2B marketing – what is it?...

Making the Right Choice: Virtual, In-Person, or Hybrid? [Infographic]

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Explore the pros and cons of virtual, in-person, and hybrid events through a comprehensive visual infographic. Did you like this...

AI in events: 4 ways to create a personalized attendee experience

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The best ways organizers can apply AI in events to create better, more personalized attendee experiences....

Hybrid event production: 5 platform features to look out for

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Discover the key platform features that will support your hybrid event production. ...

Meet NEO, our new Virtual Lobby interface.

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With an eye on yet another growing demand in the virtual events market, InEvent has just launched another exciting upgrade: NEO....

Virtual conferences:
best platforms, features,
and best-in-class in 2020

Views: 1196

As the COVID-19 pandemic has brought tough challenges to the event industry, many of the traditional actors have been forced to...

5 networking ideas to power connections on virtual events

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While many virtual events have replicated the in-person experience in terms of getting access to experts in the field, insightful...

6 popular plug-in apps that will power up your virtual events

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Plug-in apps power up virtual events and excite attendees. They can be the hook to keep people entertained and interested in your...

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