5 Event Marketing Hacks to Fill the Seats and Close the Deals

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Posted on February 29, 2024

5 Event Marketing Hacks to Fill the Seats and Close the Deals

Although many people believe it is challenging to stand out from the crowd with your event nowadays, some event creators prove otherwise. 

Despite the difficulties that come with promoting events and closing deals, there are examples of creators who excel at it. The reason for their success lies in the fact that hosting an event is not a black-and-white matter.  In fact, in the fast-paced world of technology, getting noticed with your event can be one of the ultimate successes. 

Ladies and gentlemen, to fill those seats and close some deals, you have to do much more than just send out event invitations

If you want to stand out today, you need not only a strategically planned program but also innovative approaches to the whole event process. Luckily, we’ve highlighted the 5 top event hacks to help you. Also, we found out what the most common event pain points are that are holding you back from the success you want to achieve. 

Last but not least, you will learn how to turn your events into a results-driven experience. Buckle up and get yourself comfortable; we’re taking off!

Why do businesses not achieve the desired success with event marketing?

If you don’t utilize the maximum potential of your event marketing, it’s like you are leaving the ROI and success on the competition’s table.

It’s crucial to acknowledge that the marketing event can have a significant impact on your brand. The sooner you recognize this, the better. 

Don’t delay in taking action because event marketing can ensure that your brand:

  • generate future customers
  • get more audience
  • gain bigger profit
  • boost your brand awareness

Not only that, event marketing also increases brand awareness but also promotes customer loyalty. Don’t wait much, as many companies are currently struggling to realize the full potential of events.

Commons pain points in event marketing

However, some attempts to fully control the potential of event marketing come to nothing. The result is often empty seats at the event but also mountains of untapped opportunities. 

Some of the most common reasons for this could be because event creators:

  • Don’t forget that not everyone is a desired audience – It’s important to target participants for a more effective and personalized experience. If you cast a wide net, you may attract a general audience that is less likely to convert. Instead, focus on the ideal attendee, from the design of the event theme to the selection of speakers and activities.
  • Often rely only on old tactics and formats – To drive engagement and leave a lasting impression, incorporate innovation through interactive technology, unique speakers, or unexpected entertainment.
  • Don’t make sure to market the event beforehand – Skipping pre-event marketing can lead to a lack of enthusiasm and low attendance. Leverage relevant online communities, influential partnerships, and targeted advertising to build anticipation and encourage registrations.
  • Using blindly targeting an audience – Without tracking key data such as website traffic, lead generation, and sales conversions, businesses lack the insight needed to optimize their strategy. Lead clear measurements and regular analysis of results to enable continuous improvement and maximum return on investment.

These are common traps that many event organizers fall into. Fortunately, these obstacles can be easily avoided by using the right event marketing tactics. Once they start attracting positive results, your entire event will flow in the right direction.

Top 5 Event Marketing Hacks

There’s no strategy without a corresponding hack that fills all the pain points and makes the strategy work. Check the list below because that hack will assist you in filling the seats and helping you close any deal. 

1. Look for a venue that supports technology

Choose modern co-working spaces, state-of-the-art technology centers, or even science museums to create a tech-savvy atmosphere. Make sure the venue has seamless Wi-Fi connectivity, high-tech presentation facilities, and ample space for networking and demonstrations. If you’re looking for an alternative to Hopin, consider venues that offer similar technological capabilities but with a unique twist tailored to your event’s needs.

2. Foster a community, not just an audience

Tech events are all about socializing and fostering collaboration. Offer limited editions with built-in NFC French fries for networking, host hackathons or coding challenges, and organize lightning talks from industry experts. This creates a sense of exclusivity and appeals to engaged attendees looking for valuable interactions. 

3. Reach participants through different channels

Promote your event on tech forums and social media groups relevant to your niche and influencer networks. Place targeted ads, host interactive AMAs with keynote speakers, and run live sessions to build anticipation. Go further and use your digital business card to share event details with your network. Simply by adding a link to the event website or an ad, anyone who clicks on the ad or link will be redirected to the event website. After the event, share recordings, speaker presentations, and highlights to keep the momentum going.

4. Immerse participants in the technology

Forget dull presentations. Set up VR/AR experiences that showcase your product or industry innovations. Use interactive apps to gamify networking sessions and digital brainstorming boards. This creates a tech-forward atmosphere and encourages deeper engagement.

5. Think outside the box

Challenge conventional tech event formats. Host unconferences and hackathons with surprise industry guests, or invite non-tech speakers like artists or entrepreneurs for fresh perspectives. This originality attracts different participants and sets your event apart.

By following these handy hacks, you can effortlessly bridge the gaps that are hindering you from getting the most out of your events. It’s worth noting that each hack can be tweaked and customized to suit your specific requirements. So, go ahead and give these hacks a try!

Final Thoughts

It is a fact that event marketing has the potential to be a game-changer for businesses that want to stand out in the crowded marketplace. However, common mistakes must be avoided to prevent the event from failing. 

By avoiding common pitfalls such as blindly targeting audiences, relying on old tactics, and skipping pre-event marketing, businesses have the opportunity to unlock the full potential of events. This can be achieved by following the top five event marketing hacks that are results and engagement-driven. 

In the end, we all want our customers to be dedicated and loyal to our brand. With a strategic and innovative approach, businesses can rest assured that their events will turn into a memorable experience that not only fills seats but also closes deals.

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