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Designing Mindful Spaces for your Event: An Expert’s Insights on the Dos and Don’ts

Views: 378

Are you ready for another inspiring episode of InEvent Talks? We’re taking a deep dive into the world of creating event...

40 Leading Women in the Events Industry You Should Follow in 2024

Views: 244

The events industry is a vibrant, dynamic sector that continually evolves to meet the needs of audiences and clients. From the...

2024 Must-Know Predictions for the Event Tech Industry by Pedro Góes.

Views: 1824

Introduction: As we stand on the brink of another exciting year in technology, there are few who can match the expertise and...

How To Event Tech Live {ETL} with Irina Graf and Adam Parry.

Views: 1810

Introduction. Welcome to the ultimate insider’s guide to Event Tech Live London. In this exclusive blog post, we’re...

Celebrating Black History Month: Q & A With iVoiceAfrica

Views: 4867

Every year since February 1969, when Black History Month was conceptualized, African and African Americans all over the world...

The adventures of being an event planner and emcee: Event Horror Stories [Episode 1]

Views: 18789

The adventures of being an event planner and emcee: Event Horror Stories Episode 1...

InEvent’s Backstage Pass: [Episode 1] Event Planning

Views: 9884

In our first installment of InEvent’s Backstage series, we chat to our very own event coordinator, William Rossetti Giacomolli,...

LinkedIn Top Voice Apolline Adiju: “Over 80% of companies are not aware of their problems.”

Views: 8931

Marketing Strategist Apolline Adiju has been elected among LinkedIn 2020 Top Voices in Marketing and Advertising. Today, she...

Do’s and don´ts of digital events, with Makhezia Mensah

Views: 7949

Makhezia is the Founder of the African Seasoned Speakers Network (AfsesNet), and CEO of Citylife Management. With a business...

How to claim value in the virtual world, with Bob McGrath, VP @ Volt Mobility

Views: 9672

2020 saw the events industry merge with the virtual world. In this ever-changing scenario, how can event profs claim their value?...

Yoni Solomon, Director of Product Marketing at G2

Views: 8452

How can product marketing techniques help event professionals? Forget the idea that products are objects offered for sale. To...

Everything you wanted to ask to a Marketing Executive, with founder Courtney McColgan

Views: 9711

Whether becoming a marketing executive is in your plans or you’re already one, there’s a lot of curiosity around this...

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