InEvent celebrates Women's History Month with 40 leading women in events industry

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Posted on March 20, 2024

40 Leading Women in the Events Industry You Should Follow in 2024.

The events industry is a vibrant, dynamic sector that continually evolves to meet the needs of audiences and clients.

From the emergence of virtual events to the rise of experiential marketing, the sector continues to evolve at breakneck speed. It is driven by innovation, creativity, and the tireless efforts of professionals who strive to deliver unforgettable experiences.

Among these professionals, many inspiring women have left an indelible mark and challenged the norm. They are the women leaders in the events industry, driving innovation and creating unforgettable experiences. 

40 Leading Women in Event Tech to follow in 2024

In the face of challenges and unprecedented circumstances, these women leaders have demonstrated resilience, adaptability, and an unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the industry. Their contributions and influence have shaped the current landscape of the events industry and set the trajectory for future events in 2024.

In honor of Women’s History Month and in no particular order, here are our top picks of female event influencers and professionals we think are worth following: 

  1. Carrie Freeman Parsons: Chair of the Board at Freeman Company
Carrie Freeman

Carrie Freeman Parsons leads the Freeman Company with a vision that melds tradition with innovation, transforming it into a global authority on brand experiences. Her leadership emphasizes collaboration, integrity, and customer engagement, propelling Freeman to industry acclaim. Focusing on impactful, immersive events, Freeman Parsons guides over 7,000 employee-owners across 90+ locations, championing excellence and innovation. Her stewardship marks a new era for Freeman, highlighting the transformative power of meaningful connections in the business world. Linkedin | Instagram

2. Michelle Nicole McNabb – External Director of Events | Emenee Marketing ‘n’ Events

Michelle McNabb

Michelle Nicole McNabb is the creative force and owner of Emenee Marketing ‘n’ Events, a firm dedicated to elevating B2B event management to new heights. McNabb has redefined event efficiency and impact by specializing in justifying and maximizing event investments for businesses investing $50K-$1M annually into their events. By focusing on the 7 C’s of Event ROI, including Customer Experience, Credibility, Cash Flow, and more, she ensures each event is a strategic tool for business scaling, community building, and brand elevation. Her approach is systematic, sustainable, and designed to demystify event planning for non-professionals, ensuring every dollar spent is an investment in future growth. Linkedin | Instagram

3. Karen Hartline – Executive Producer, Live Content – Zillow

Karen hartline

Karen Hartline has redefined excellence in the corporate event planning arena with over 18 years of groundbreaking work. She passionately merges vision with execution, ensuring each event achieves its goals and leaves a lasting impression on attendees. Hartline’s strategic approach to budget management and event production has elevated the experiences of companies like Zillow, VentureBeat, and GitLab, where she successfully managed multi-million dollar budgets and led teams to execute large-scale, impactful events. Her ability to innovate within the industry, from spearheading complex projects with tight deadlines to implementing sustainable and inclusive event practices, marks her as a trailblazer. Hartline’s profound impact and dedication make her an inspirational corporate event strategy figure worthy of recognition and admiration. Linkedin | Instagram

  1. Rachel Wimberly, SVP of Corporate Development and M&A, Hyve Group
Rachel Wimberly

Rachel Wimberly shines as the SVP of Corporate Development and M&A for North America at Hyve Group, where her adeptness in M&A and business development has significantly propelled the company’s growth. With a rich background as a journalist and leader in top publications, she leverages her deep industry relationships and expertise to drive strategic acquisitions and partnerships. Wimberly’s leadership extends to launching influential digital and data programs, enhancing Hyve Group’s portfolio across various sectors. Her unparalleled blend of journalism experience with roles at CNN, Variety, and the New York Times adds a unique depth to her business strategies, marking her as a transformative force in the trade show and corporate event landscape. Linkedin | Instagram

  1. Annette Naif – Event Producer, Naif Productions
Annette Naif

Annette Naif stands at the forefront of luxury event planning with over 25 years of experience. As the founder of Naif Productions, she specializes in creating unforgettable experiences for corporate, non-profit, and wedding events. Leveraging her film, television, and event production background, Naif delivers events that spark conversations and build brand loyalty. Her services range from concept development to crisis management, all tailored to produce seamless and upscale events globally. Renowned for her strategic insights and exceptional customer service, Naif exceeds client expectations and mentors aspiring event planners toward success. Annette Naif is a proven leader in the event planning industry with a track record of working with top-tier clients and companies. Linkedin | Instagram

  1. Carina Bauer – CEO of IMEX Group
carina bauer - ceo of IMEX women's history month

Carina Bauer leads the IMEX Group as CEO, driving the success of IMEX America, the premier trade show for the global meetings and events industry in Las Vegas. With over 20 years of expertise, she has transformed IMEX into a pivotal platform for business, learning, and networking. Under her guidance, IMEX America champions “Impact” as its focal theme for 2024/25, emphasizing the event industry’s role in addressing global challenges. Recognized for her contributions with an induction into the Hall of Leaders, Bauer exemplifies commitment to industry innovation and societal betterment. Linkedin | Instagram

  1. Pauline Kwasniak – Event Host and Marketer
Pauline Kwasniak

Pauline Kwasniak stands out for her entrepreneurial achievements and versatility across global markets. Recognized in Ireland’s 30 under 30 in 2018 and as a finalist for Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur in 2019, her career spans from pioneering AI in healthcare at MIM Fertility to advancing corporate social responsibility with Fluent in three languages and holding a Master’s in Digital Marketing, Kwasniak’s work reflects her strong commitment to innovation and impactful leadership. Linkedin

  1. Dahlia El Gazzar – Tech Evangelist + Idea Igniteur
Dahlia El Gazzar

Dahlia El Gazzar is a force to be reckoned with in the event industry.  Nicknamed the “coffee-fueled go-to source” for event tech, Dahlia brings over a decade of experience. As the founder of DAHLIA+Agency, Dahlia’s influence extends far beyond her agency.  She’s a passionate advocate for the industry, a Women in Event Tech movement leader, and a sought-after speaker who ignites ideas with her infectious enthusiasm. Whether you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve with event tech trends or crave inspiration, Dahlia El Gazzar is someone to follow. Linkedin | Instagram

  1. Jenn Artura – Chief Events & Experience Strategist, Jenn consulting
Jenn Artura

Jenn Artura is a powerhouse in the events industry. This award-winning strategist isn’t just about events; she transforms them into strategic assets that solve problems and inspire human-centered experiences. With over two decades of experience leading events for B2B and B2C companies like Symantec, Veritas Technologies, and Workhuman, Jenn knows what works. She’s a magnet for recognition, with accolades like Smart Meetings Magazine’s Hall of Fame lifetime achievement award and Event Marketer Magazine’s Top 10 Women in Experiential Marketing. Linkedin | Instagram

  1. Huong Nguyen – CEO of Shiloh Events
Huong Nguyen

Event mastermind & CEO at Shiloh Events, Huong crafts captivating experiences that propel brands forward. Huong’s passion for events is palpable. She sees them as transformative tools, and Shiloh Events has become an industry leader under her direction. They consistently exceed client goals, leaving audiences not just entertained but inspired. Huong’s dedication has garnered her recognition within the industry, but her greatest reward is undoubtedly witnessing the impact of the unforgettable events she brings to life. Linkedin | Instagram

  1. Mahoganey Jones – Founder of Events Specialist Inc & EventPreneur Success Club
Mahoganey Jones

Mahoganey Jones, an acclaimed event professional, has etched her name in the annals of event management history with an illustrious career spanning over 17 years. As the first Canadian Event Professional to achieve the Certified Digital Event Strategist certification, Jones has been at the forefront of the evolution of virtual and hybrid events since 2008, marking her as a trailblazer in the field. With a foundation built on full-service event management and production principles, Jones has masterfully managed various corporate events, from award ceremonies to CEO updates, for prestigious organizations such as the Canadian Special Operations Force and RSA Insurance Group. Linkedin | Instagram

  1. Cathy Song Novelli – Fullstack Marketing Leader
Cathy Song Novelli

With a rich history of spearheading sales and marketing functions, she has masterfully architected marketing strategies that significantly boost demand, acquisition, adoption, and retention for portfolio solutions. Her tenure includes transformative roles at leading companies such as Hubilo, where she led a global team of over 70 marketers to new heights, and Rakuten, where she significantly contributed to the brand’s marketing and communications strategy. Cathy’s career, starting from foundational roles at Saatchi & Saatchi and evolving through pivotal positions at Pandora, Yahoo, and Myspace, underscores her journey of relentless pursuit of excellence in the digital marketing space. Linkedin | Instagram

  1. Gianna Gaudini – CEO, Strategic Event Consultant
Gianna Gaudini

As the award-winning Head of Events at prestigious companies like Airtable, AWS, and SoftBank Vision Fund and a former leader at Google, Gianna has redefined the standards of event marketing. Her book, “The Art of Event Planning,” is a bestseller that offers invaluable insights into crafting memorable and impactful events, further establishing her as a thought leader in the field. Linkedin | Instagram

  1. Christy Lamagna – Founder, Strategic Meetings & Events
Christy Lamagna

As the author of the best-selling “The Strategic Planning Guide for Event Professionals,” Christy has become a beacon of knowledge and inspiration in the industry. She is the brain behind Strategic Meetings & Events, an organization dedicated to producing corporate events that are not only memorable but also integrate the company’s sales and marketing message seamlessly into every aspect of the program. Christy founded Life Lived Strategically, offering strategic planning, coaching, and consulting services that apply the principles of event success to personal and organizational growth. Linkedin | Instagram

  1. Helen Moon – CEO at EventWell
Helen Moon

Recognizing the need for mental well-being and neurodiversity in events, Helen founded EventWell. EventWell is a leading social enterprise that creates safe and inclusive event spaces.  From supervised quiet rooms to resilience hubs, they provide the support event professionals and attendees need.  Their mission? To ensure everyone feels valued and supported throughout the event experience. She’s also a champion for collaboration, having founded the EWL Club, a vibrant network fostering connections between event professionals. Linkedin | Instagram

  1. Keneisha Williams – Founder of Black in Events Network
Keneisha Williams

Keneisha Williams’s global Black In Events Network is a beacon for Black event professionals.  This platform fosters a safe space for connection, support, and career advancement, ensuring Black talent thrives in this dynamic field. She actively works to dismantle systemic racism in the industry through her involvement with the Events Industry Council Equity Task Force. Recognized as a MeetingsNet 2022 Changemaker and one of Canada’s Top 100 Black Women to Watch, Keneisha is a true industry leader. Linkedin | Instagram

  1. Jeannie Power – Co-Founder of Power Event Group
Jeannie Power

Co-founder of Power Event Group, Jeanie helps meeting and event planners leverage the latest technology to create powerful experiences. Staying ahead of the curve in event technology is Jeanie’s specialty.  She understands that planners are already stretched thin, and her company takes the burden of navigating complex tech off their shoulders.  From strategic implementation to ongoing support, Power Event Group ensures events leverage technology to their full potential. Linkedin | Instagram

  1. Jenn Glynn – Managing Partner at Meeting Encore
Jenn Glynn 40 Leading Women in Event Tech to follow in 2024

Recognized as a MeetingsNet Changemaker, a Top 100 Most Influential Person in the Event Industry, and even the 2020 SITE Global President, Jenn’s expertise is undeniable. As the mastermind behind Meeting Encore, Jenn leverages her 31 years of experience to negotiate win-win contracts, find dream venues, and ensure your meetings, conferences, and incentive travel programs run flawlessly. The results speak for themselves.  With a proven track record of over 10,000 successful events, Meeting Encore boasts a deep network of hotel and venue partners eager to offer favorable terms.  Jenn’s commitment to client satisfaction is evident in the glowing testimonials from industry leaders. Linkedin | Instagram

  1. Sasha Frieze – Managing Director at The Business Narrative
Sasha Frieze

Sasha Frieze is a narrative architect. For over 30 years, she’s crafted over 1,000 transformational events that resonate with audiences and deliver tangible business results. She believes events are powerful storytelling tools, and her signature Event Narrative Framework helps clients achieve crystal-clear communication of their event’s purpose. A Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and the Chartered Institute of Marketing, she’s dedicated to giving back to the industry.  She mentors aspiring event leaders, serves on the board of the Event Apprenticeships Programme, and even lectures at Westminster University. Linkedin | Instagram

  1. Juliet Tripp – CEO & Coach
Juliet Tripp

Juliet Tripp, an esteemed event coach with over a decade of experience, has changed the events industry by coaching entrepreneurs and businesses to amplify their success through impactful events, personal branding, and a resilient mindset. Garnering international recognition, Juliet has received numerous awards, including the Conference News 30 under 30 in 2019, the C&IT Corporate A-List award in 2021, and has been named one of the 100 Most Influential People in Events. As an acclaimed international speaker, she regularly imparts her wisdom on prestigious stages like IMEX and International Confex and co-hosts platforms such as the Like an EventBoss Podcast. Juliet empowers event professionals and female CEOs to transcend industry challenges and achieve unparalleled success. Linkedin | Instagram

  1. Tahira Endean – Head of Program at IMEX
Tahira Endean

For over 20 years, she’s been a mover and shaker in the dynamic events industry. Now, she leads the team at IMEX as Head of Programs.  Her background isn’t just in execution; she’s also passionate about education. She has spent two decades inspiring the next generation of event planners with courses in Special Event Planning and Sustainable Event Operations. Linkedin | Instagram

  1. Samme Allen – CEO at ATEX (The Attendee Experience Company)
Samme Allen

Samme Allen, leading The Attendee Experience Company and founder of, has transformed the world of events by prioritizing sustainability, diversity, and unforgettable experiences, leveraging her extensive two-decade career to craft immersive and impactful gatherings. Her approach combines high-energy engagement with innovative technology, ensuring every event—from virtual to in-person—leaves a significant, lasting impression. Linkedin | Instagram

  1. Aryn Chapman – CEO at Ax3 Studios
Aryn Chapman

Aryn, a force to be reckoned with in the event production industry for over 15 years, is the CEO and Senior Event Producer of Ax3 Studios. Aryn is a collaborative and strategic partner who builds strong relationships with clients across various industries and sectors, such as Microsoft, Mastercard, UN Global Compact, and Columbia Neurosurgery. Aryn is also passionate about philanthropy and social responsibility, supporting causes such as SmileTrain and NAWBO NYC. Aryn’s mission is to set new industry standards and leave a lasting impact on her events. Linkedin | Instagram

  1. Sarah Martin – Founder of Experience Epic Events
Sarah Martin

A force to be reckoned with in the event world, Sarah Martin is the CEO of Experience Epic Events – she’s also a 25-year veteran who’s reshaped the industry with her innovative spirit.  Experience Epic Events, under her leadership, has become a powerhouse, orchestrating unforgettable experiences for the likes of the Super Bowl and Presidential Debates.  Not only that, Sarah secures major sponsorships (think $17 million) and attracts A-list celebrities, all while fostering a culture of empowerment through her co-founded Palm Beach Woman Magazine.  Her dedication to sustainability and inclusivity ensures her events leave a lasting positive mark, making her a true industry leader. Linkedin | Instagram

  1. Tess Vismale – CEO at iSocialExecution
Tess Vismale

Tess Vismale, the CEO of iSocialExecution, Inc., is celebrated as the superhero of event rescue, transforming potential event crises into seamless, engaging experiences. Tess’s work extends beyond the immediacy of event troubleshooting; she is a venerated speaker, instructor, and co-host of the ‘Event Tech Pull Up’ podcast, where she shares her insights and champions diversity and inclusion within the event space. Tess Vismale’s blend of warmth, innovation, and expertise not only rescues events but also sets new standards for what it means to create truly memorable and impactful experiences. Linkedin | Instagram

  1. Yvonne McNair – CEO at Captivate Marketing Group
Yvonne mcNair

Yvonne McNair, the Chief Experience Officer & Founder of Captivate Marketing Group, is celebrated for her innovative approach to event production and marketing, with over 20 years of experience in the industry. As a two-time Emmy Nominated Live Event/Film Producer, a commitment to diversity and sustainability distinguishes her work, creating impactful attendee experiences and managing events for audiences as large as 50,000. Her leadership and creativity have earned her spots on prestigious lists such as Eventex’s 100 Most Influential People in the Events Industry 2023 and BizBash’s Most Influential Event Professionals. Linkedin | Instagram

  1. Julia Hartz – Co-founder at EventBrite
Julia Hartz

Julia Hartz, co-founder and CEO of Eventbrite, has made an indelible mark on the global event technology landscape. Julia’s visionary approach to democratizing event creation has fostered a culture of innovation and connection within Eventbrite, earning her accolades for being named among Fortune’s 40 Under 40 and Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs and an Inc. 35 Under 35 honoree. With her leadership, Eventbrite emerged as a pioneering self-service ticketing platform, empowering nearly one million event creators worldwide to transform their passions into successful businesses. Linkedin | Instagram

  1. Connie Cay-Santos – Senior Director of Growth & Engagement at Quest AV/Leadership Selection Committee – MPI Toronto Chapter
Connie Cay-Santos

Connie Cay-Santos celebrated as a Senior Director of Growth & Engagement at Quest AV with over 14 years of experience, has masterfully combined her expertise in corporate management and entrepreneurial spirit to elevate audience engagement and foster strategic partnerships, earning her recognition as a Future Leader of the Year by MPI Toronto Chapter. Connie’s dedication to enhancing the attendee experience through creative audiovisual solutions and her commitment to sustainability, diversity, and mentorship have not only secured her a spot on the 2023 #WomentoWatch list but have also made her a respected thought leader and mentor in her field, inspiring others with her human-centric approach to business and events. Linkedin | Instagram | Twitter

  1. Akosua Boadi-Agyemang – Sr. Experiential Marketing Lead | Global AI Tour & Flagship Content Creator Programs
Akosua Boadi-Agyemang

Akosua Boadi-Agyemang, currently a Senior Experiential Marketing Lead at Microsoft, is a visionary in crafting transformative global event experiences that elevate brands and forge deep, meaningful connections with audiences. Beyond her professional achievements, Akosua’s influence extends through her storytelling and content creation, with initiatives like “The BOLD Journey” and Re-Envision Africa, achieving over 140 million views. Akosua embodies the essence of Ubuntu, “I am because of who we are,” dedicating her career to creating opportunities for others while advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusion in every space she enters. Linkedin | Instagram

  1. Kate Bullard – Events Manager at Baker McKenzie
Kate Bullard

Kate’s expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of events, from virtual gatherings and conferences to gala receptions and bespoke events, executed with a keen eye on ROI and enhancing participant engagement. Recognized as a Top 20 Event Planner in the UK by C&IT’s Corporate A-List 2021, serving as a judge for the C&IT Awards 2022, and actively engaging in mentorship and advisory roles, Kate’s influence is widespread. Kate’s proactive approach to personal development—partaking in webinars, attending industry events, and staying abreast of the latest trends—has cemented her status as a thought leader in event management. Linkedin | Instagram

  1. Carrie Davenport – Lead Event Manager at Altria
Carrie Davenport 40 Leading Women in Event Tech to follow in 2024

Carrie co-founded the Association for Women in Events (AWE), a thriving community that empowers women at all stages of their event careers.  This dedication to inclusivity is evident throughout her work, from her insightful blog posts and articles to her inspiring leadership and resilience talks. Recognized as an “Industry Influencer” and a “Change Maker,” Carrie isn’t afraid to push boundaries.  She hosted a virtual forum, “Events: From Black to White,” for 18 months, fostering crucial conversations about diversity and equality. Linkedin | Instagram

  1. Sasha Souza – Director of Events at Sasha Souza Events
Sasha Souza

One of Sasha’s most significant achievements is building a million-dollar private experiences channel in less than a year. Her creativity and strategic thinking ensure exceptional experiences for every guest, as evidenced by her awards and recognition from industry leaders like Conde Nast and Catersource. She’s a passionate educator, sharing her expertise through online courses and business consultations.  She’s also a dedicated philanthropist, having served on the boards of several non-profit organizations. Her dedication to her craft, her commitment to giving back, and her infectious enthusiasm make her a true inspiration. Linkedin | Instagram

  1. Irina Graf – Founder of The MICE Blog/Event Planners Talk
Irina Graf 40 Leading Women in Event Tech to follow in 2024

Irina Graf is a multilingual event management professional with a knack for digital storytelling. Irina has become a go-to resource for event planners worldwide through her MICE Blog. In 2014, she founded the #EventProfTalk Twitter chat, fostering a vibrant online community for event professionals to connect and share knowledge. But Irina isn’t just about online engagement.  She offers various services to DMOs and CVBs (Convention and Visitors Bureaus), including social media campaigns, live event coverage, and content creation. Linkedin | Instagram

  1. Nicola Kastner – Founder of The Event Strategist
Nicola Kastner 40 Leading Women in Event Tech to follow in 2024

Nicola’s expertise is built on a deep understanding of brand and agency perspectives. Her strategic thinking and data-driven approach ensure that every event aligns with a brand’s objectives. Through her consultancy, The Event Strategist, Nicola helps global brands design and optimize event experiences that capture new audiences and generate measurable ROI. Linkedin | Instagram

  1. Sarah Sebastian – Owner & Founder of Rose Gold Collective/National Rum Day Fest
Sarah Sebastian 40 Leading Women in Event Tech to follow in 2024

Through her experiential marketing agency, Rose Gold Collective, Sarah curates unforgettable events that bring brands to life. But Sarah’s impact goes beyond brand building.  She’s a champion for women-owned businesses and a Rolling Stone’s Culture Council member.  Her passion for empowering others and meticulous attention to detail shines through in every event she orchestrates. Linkedin | Instagram

  1. Catherine Rainey – Event and Travel Consultant at Eventuelle Ltd

With over 20 years of experience, Cat has orchestrated large-scale events like the London 2012 Olympics and the FIFA World Cup 2014. Her impressive career includes leadership roles at Cube Management UK, where she tackled projects like the LIV Golf events and the Rugby World Cup. But Cat’s influence goes beyond professional success.  She’s a passionate mentor who champions a positive and supportive work environment.  She’s also the founder of The Professional Retreat, an initiative that speaks to her dedication to well-being in the workplace. Linkedin | Instagram

  1. Chardia Christophe – Garcia – Global Head of Audience Strategy | TIME Events
Chardia Christophe 40 Leading Women in Event Tech to follow in 2024

Chardia’s career trajectory is impressive.  She’s held leadership positions at NewBay Media and American Express Publishing, consistently demonstrating her ability to manage diverse marketing initiatives and build successful teams. Chardia Christophe Garcia is a seasoned marketing and events professional passionate about building communities.  She’s the Global Head of Audience Strategy for TIME Events, leveraging her expertise to cultivate engaged audiences for their events. With a strong work ethic and a dedication to excellence, Chardia is a role model for aspiring event and marketing professionals. Linkedin | Instagram

  1. Mariska Kesteloo – Speaker & Founder of Word of MICE
Mariska Kesteloo

Mariska Kesteloo is a passionate entrepreneur with a mission to connect people. Through her company, Word of MICE, Mariska acts as a bridge, pairing MICE industry suppliers with social media influencers to create authentic and engaging content. Beyond professional success, Mariska’s personal journey inspires empathy and strength.  She’s a vocal advocate for grief support, offering guidance and resources to those navigating loss.  Her willingness to share her story and create safe healing spaces is commendable. Follow her for insights on influencer marketing, inspiring stories of connection, and a dose of courage in the face of adversity. Linkedin | Instagram

  1. Rachel Russell – Assistant Director at EY
Rachel Russell

Rachel Russell’s creativity and drive have led her to create and execute unforgettable experiences for attendees across various industries. Currently, Rachel leads the Entrepreneur Of The Year® program for Greater Los Angeles, a prestigious initiative that recognizes high-growth business leaders. She’s a strategic thinker who understands leveraging events to build brand eminence and generate leads.  Her work at the NAB Show directly resulted in a $1 million RFP win for her client. Her passion for the industry is undeniable.  Rachel is a sought-after speaker and has been recognized with numerous awards, including Marketer of the Year by the American Business Awards and a Top Event Marketer in North America by Eventible.  She’s also a champion for the future, serving on the Board of Directors for Arts Bridging the Gap, a non-profit organization. Linkedin | Instagram

  1. Daphne Earp Hoppenot – Founder at Vendry
Daphne Earp 40 Leading Women in Event Tech to follow in 2024

Daphne Earp Hoppenot is the visionary founder of The Vendry, a platform she established in September 2018 with the ambitious goal of creating the world’s foremost venue and vendor-sourcing platform. Based in the Greater New York City Area, The Vendry has swiftly become a pivotal resource for event professionals seeking the perfect backdrop and partners for their events. Her work set a solid foundation for future endeavors by marrying technology with user-centric solutions. Daphne’s dedication to social impact is evident through her involvement with New York Cares, where she contributed as a Junior Committee Member for over three years and participated in TechNYCares, rallying tech and startup communities to support charitable initiatives. LinkedIn | Instagram


The women highlighted here are just a fraction of the incredible talents shaping the events industry. Their dedication, creativity, and leadership serve as a beacon illuminating the path for future generations. As we celebrate Women’s History Month, remember that we can build an events industry as vibrant and diverse as every event it creates. Let these phenomenal women inspire you to chase your dreams, break boundaries, and leave an indelible mark on this exciting field. The future of events is bright and filled with stories waiting to be told by the next generation of remarkable women.

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