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Do’s and don´ts of digital events, with Makhezia Mensah

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Posted on December 3, 2020

Makhezia is the Founder of the African Seasoned Speakers Network (AfsesNet), and CEO of Citylife Management.

With a business background, she’s been a top notch event designer and organizer. A true go getter.

Always pushing forward and pursuing things she’s passionate about, today she shares the main do’s and dont’s she’s learned about digital experiences in 2020.

1. Let’s start from the beginning: who is Makhezia Mensah when she is not planning the next event?

Makhezia finds time for other activities. My company ( Citylife Management) extends its operations to other areas…we do social interventions, charity work, branding, etc.

You know, I have a close family and a few friends. I need to find time to be with them. It’s not just work. But most often, anything I do must have to do with pushing my company forward; advancing.

There are meetings to attend etc. Events planning is very demanding and stressful and so I use the time in between to meet other demands. I’m naturally a busy person and have a target to meet, so still work. I balance between work and other things.


2. As a CEO and Founder, what type of Virtual Events are you looking forward to attending? Any examples of recent good experiences?

Virtual events are very very vibrant globally as a whole. It has revolutionized conferencing in a very broad way. You now have a situation where you have attendees from every corner of the world at a point holding a conference.

It comes with a huge advantage and opportunities. Ghana and Africa have caught up fast with the rest of the world. Virtual events have come to stay and any serious business person cannot do without them. Even in the political arena, political parties are holding virtual rallies! Just come to think of it. It’s taken things giant steps ahead and is transforming indeed.

3. How you see this integration of traditional events with digital events?

One of the major things I look for is an engaging content ; more collaborative and interactive content. Virtual conferences can host thousands of participants, yet equally provides networking one on one opportunities more than physical confab. Any virtual conference must fit into my jigsaw and suit my motivation while providing a springboard for an experience change.

A good example is the “Women in Entrepreneurship Clinic” Attendees of the conference comprised of those already in business, budding entrepreneurs and students. The experience cannot be under estimated, given the broad scope it covered.


4. Finally, are there any specific do’s and don’ts you’d like to highlight from the virtual events experiences of these last months?

The Internet / social media has paved a way for digital events, where organizers utilizing latest technologies to improve their efforts and deliver personalized or global content to their audience using video apps like zoom, google meeting, etc. to connect with others across the globe.

However, traditional event methods such as educational conferences, meetings, tradeshow, workshops still have their unique charm and are managing to attract their audience.


The Do’s and Don’ts

The Do: Test, Rehearse, and Check if your internet is well connected, get a standby device like the microphone and the cameras

Get the right tools that require distribution technology that can save and broadcast your content to audience across social media, get your audience to participate don’t forget to build long-lasting relationships and engage with them after the event to know what more or less they need to participate whenever you have any virtual event.

Prepare your guest speakers and anchors and get those who may have experienced virtual events, it is always in your organization’s best interest to schedule rehearsals, over-communicate the agenda, and ensure every document they may need are prepared and distributed.

Don’t use the wrong technology for the wrong crowd, example virtual event optimized for mobile devices that requires minimal login process.

Due to the lack of a live audience, you will need a speaker who is compelling in their storytelling and will connect with your audience, despite the physical distance.


Event planning can be hectic. It’s your job to make order out of chaos. It’s your job to keep the event running smoothly and the clients happy.


You can check the latest projects Makhezia is working on at the moment, by connecting with her on LinkedIn and visiting the website of City Life Management


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