How in-person experiences will look like in the next months, with Michael Buckley, CEO @ Cadence.

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Posted on July 27, 2020

The instability in which we are living due to the pandemic demands companies to exchange ideas among themselves.

So, today Michael Buckley, CEO @ Cadence, joins us in this movement of helper leaders. He bring his visions on how in-person experiences will look like in the next few months and what’s the importance of the events industry community to stay together.

1 – Do you think the events industry will be back to business with only in-person experiences one day? Or virtual events will stay?

In my opinion, hybrid events are the future. While completely virtual events can fall short in some areas, there’s something magical that happens when this technology combines with an in-person experience.

First, organizers can connect their audience and generate excitement before the in-person experience even begins.

During the event, live streaming can be utilized to expand your reach far beyond just the in-person attendance.

And lastly, after the event, attendees can continue to access the on-demand resources and stay connected with each other.

2 – How do you think in-person experiences will look like in the next months, besides attendees wearing masks?

I personally do not anticipate them coming back until 2021. If any organizer is planning an in-person event over 100 people this fall, I believe it will be cancelled or postponed.

Cities are rolling back from phase three to phase two to even phase one, and it’s said that this is still the first wave of COVID.

We will likely see increased numbers with the flu season beginning as well, so in-person events may not return until a vaccine is approved.

And that’s just the beginning. It may take a while for event organizers and attendees to feel comfortable enough to attend events with thousands of attendees within an in-door space.

3 – We’ve been listening to the buzzword hybrid event during the last couple of months. How do you see that a hybrid event will look like? How is the virtual portion going to connect?

Hybrid means that attendees who are unable to attend the event in-person will still be connected to the event experience (if done correctly).

The primary use cases for the virtual attendees would be viewing the broadcasted sessions & appointments, video chat networking with in-person attendees & sponsors, and socialization through messaging & live feed posts.

4 – How important is it for the industry to have competitors exchanging ideas? Just like we’re doing right now, at this moment.

Knowledge is power! I’ve always appreciated sharing for the purpose of pushing ourselves to continuously evolve and improve our platforms for our audiences.

We all have similar end goals. We’re just trying to improve event experiences for the industry and the wonderful people attending those events across the globe!

Check out the latest projects Michael is working at the moment. You can find him on LinkedIn.

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