LinkedIn Top Voice Apolline Adiju: “Over 80% of companies are not aware of their problems.”

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Posted on January 14, 2021

Marketing Strategist Apolline Adiju has been elected among LinkedIn 2020 Top Voices in Marketing and Advertising.

Today, she shares what are the most common doubts and challenges of B2B marketers looking for her consultancy.

So, if you have tried a bunch of things on a range of topics last year, it’s time to do some optimization to the value of a sales funnel for real.

1. Apolline Adiju, you’ve recently been awarded as a LinkedIn Top Voice. How does that feel, and what kind of impact it has on your career?

I am still thrilled by it. During the first weeks, messages of congratulations flooded my LinkedIn inbox. 

At first, I had this out-of-body experience. Like this is not happening to me. 

But reality has finally set in. 

And it is positively affecting my career.

Well, a lot so far. I have never had this massive influx of people wanting to work with me.

For the first time since I became a marketing consultant, I am considering taking a full-time role. 

Since becoming LinkedIn Top Voice, I have had and still receive the best offers so far for a full-time position in marketing from companies in Europe and the US.

2. When companies come to you looking for your consultancy, what’s the most common problem they’re facing?

Strange enough, over 80% of these companies or business owners are not aware of the exact problem they have.

It often starts with, ” I want to increase my brand visibility online.” 

“I want my website to rank for XYZ keywords.” 

“Can you help us set up a sales funnel for XYZ?”

“I need visibility and leads on LinkedIn; what’s the way forward?”

However, I only get to the meat of the problem after asking a series of questions. 

And most often, it’s a marketing or content strategy issue that can relate to the audience and lead to closing more qualified leads. 

3. You’ve been excelling in developing lead gen and sales strategies for years. What kind of advice can you share with those who tried lots of things, but nothing seems to work?

Go back to the drawing table and start from the basics. Invest in market research because that data could save you a ton.

Second, forget about vanity metrics. Too often, I get business owners who want to grow their following.

 Don’t get me wrong. 

I know it’s a step to increase brand awareness and trust. 

But I often ask, “what’s the use of growing an account with no solid strategy behind it?”

If your goal is to grow your presence online, my advice is, focus on marketing strategies that would build brand loyalty and provide solutions to your customer’s needs.

Invest in a solid SEO strategy. Even though it’s a long-term solution, it’ll eventually bring in qualified leads consistently.

4 What would you say are the main concepts that digital and event marketers will need to be familiar with in the next year?

I have seen a gradual shift to 3D Virtual Events. Gone are the days when it was a thing for kids or gamers. I see people talking about their experiences with such Virtual Events each time I log in on LinkedIn.

Companies, business owners, and event marketers should restructure their strategies to make the virtual reality platform interactive and personal and ready to embrace technology.

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