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The Barbie Movie: 7 must-read lessons for event planners.

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Posted on August 29, 2023

Pink is the New Black. 

In the event planning and marketing world, valuable insights can come from unexpected sources. The Barbie movie marketing strategy, a marvel in the entertainment industry, holds lessons for event professionals and marketing experts. In this engaging blog post, we’ll explore how Mattel promoted the Barbie movie directed by Greta Gerwig and how event pros can leverage these strategies to create impactful experiences for their audiences.

The Barbie Movie: 7 must-read lessons for event planners

Why is everyone talking about The Barbie Movie Marketing?

According to Vox, the campaign’s budget, comprising a staggering $150 million, reflects the sheer magnitude of its ambitions.

Mattel built an aspirational narrative around the film, establishing a “Barbie Magic” that resonated with fans of all ages. Barbie has now earned over $1.18 Billion at the Worldwide Box Office. The success of this campaign demonstrates the power of combining traditional and digital marketing tactics to create a compelling mix.

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Lessons for Event Professionals.

The Barbie Movie: 7 must-read lessons for event planners.

1. Strategic Cross-Promotions:

The Barbie movie’s marketing was seriously impressive. By teaming up with over 100 fashion, food, lifestyle, and tech brands, Mattel created a powerful synergy that made the movie go viral. Event pros can totally replicate this strategy by partnering with relevant sponsors, exhibitors, and vendors. Just think about the impact of aligning your event with partners who genuinely connect with your audience, expanding your reach, and making the attendee experience even better.

Barbie and Xbox
Source: Instagram
barbie and airbnb
Source: Airbnb official Instagram page
  • Barbie and Crocs
Barbie and crocs partnership

2. Impeccable Audience Segmentation:

audience segmentation

One of the cool things about the Barbie movie campaign was how it nailed targeting different audience segments. They spoke directly to nostalgic adults and young dreamers, delivering the right messages to each group. Event planners, you can do the same by segmenting your audience based on demographics, interests, and pain points. This way, you’ll create content that connects, making people engaged and eager to attend.

3. Compelling Content Teasers:

The buzz around the Barbie movie was fueled by many enticing teasers that left everyone wanting more and anticipating the premiere. You can also use this technique for your event marketing and promotion by creating suspenseful and intriguing content snippets. From captivating teaser videos to behind-the-scenes keynote speakers or workshops, these previews will get people excited and curious, encouraging them to save the date and share your event within their community.

event promotion infographic

4. Interactive Social Media Campaigns:

The Barbie movie’s marketing brilliance extended to interactive social media campaigns encouraging user-generated content. Event professionals can borrow a page from this playbook by creating immersive social experiences.

social media campaigns for the barbie movie

Develop event-specific hashtags like Barbie did – #barbiecore was trending while the film was in production and now has over 625m views on TikTok and with #TheBarbieMovie. Engage audiences across different platforms with polls, quizzes, and challenges. Feel free to repost those user-generated content to foster community and enthusiasm among your attendees.

5. Emotional Storytelling:

emotional storytelling

The Barbie brand tapped into the nostalgic emotions of adult consumers who grew up with dolls. As an event pro, infuse your event marketing with storytelling that captures the essence of your event’s purpose and value. For example, showing footage or images from the past can help attendees feel more connected to the history and meaning behind your event. You can even feature a live performance by a musician you know your audience would love. Remember, Nostalgia Sells. 

6. Leveraging Influencer Power:

influencer marketing

In the age of influencer marketing, the Barbie movie capitalized on the reach and credibility of social media influencers and celebrities from fashion to lifestyle industries. Tap into the power of industry influencers and thought leaders to amplify your event’s message. Collaborate with influencers who align with your event’s ethos to extend your reach and enhance your event’s credibility.

7. Harnessing Limited-Time Offers:

How did Mattel get everyone to love pink all over again? Here’s what they did: create Limited-time offers and exclusive merchandise with the brands they partnered with. Event pros, you can apply this scarcity principle to your event promotions. Offering early-bird discounts, exclusive workshops with a unique speaker line-up, or VIP packages to incentivize early registrations.

The Barbie Movie: 7 must-read lessons for event planners

This will definitely create a sense of urgency among potential attendees. However, it’s important to remember that proper planning is key when applying these principles. So take your time to carefully plan ahead for the best possible results.


So there you have it, the inside scoop on how the latest Barbie movie’s marketing tactics can totally transform your event game. It’s like taking a page from Hollywood’s playbook and applying it to your event planning. From building a brand vibe that’s as catchy as a theme song to roping in influencers who light up your event like A-list stars, these tricks are like paparazzi-worthy snapshots of success. So why not grab that office chair and start crafting your blockbuster events? After all, you’re the mastermind behind the scenes, and with a sprinkle of Barbie’s marketing magic, your next event could be the talk of the town – or even the big screen. 

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