13 Best Onsite Event Badge Printing Software in 2024

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Posted on February 1, 2024

Efficient onsite event badge printing software is essential for a seamless check-in experience for your attendees. With numerous options available, selecting the best solution may seem overwhelming. To help you make an informed choice, we have compiled a list of the top 15 onsite event badge printing solutions for 2024, ensuring your event runs smoothly and leaves a lasting impression.

What Is Onsite Event Badge Printing Software?

Onsite event badge printing software allows you to design and print attendee badges on-site, reducing costs, saving time, and promoting environmental sustainability. It is compatible with various design software, badge printers, scanners, and integrates seamlessly with your event management platform. Here’s how it typically works:

Self-Check-In Kiosk: For large events, self-service kiosks equipped with iPads and printers allow attendees to scan their QR codes or manually enter their information. Badges are printed in seconds, streamlining the check-in process.

Host Check-In: In this method, event hosts stationed at the entrance scan attendees’ QR codes and print their badges, ensuring controlled access.

VIP Check-In: For VIPs, a specialized desk is set up, offering a personalized check-in experience. Event hosts can either scan QR codes or manually verify VIPs’ information, providing them with specially printed badges.

Onsite Event Badge Printing Software Trends

In a digital age where technology seems to replace physical elements at events, the value of tangible interactions remains significant. Event badges serve as a prime example of this enduring relevance. Despite the rise of digital solutions, physical badges offer quick and convenient access compared to searching for QR codes on smartphones.

Sustainability is a growing concern in event management, prompting a shift towards on-demand, onsite badge printing. This approach minimizes waste by printing badges only for present attendees, aligning with responsible event planning practices.

For industries with stringent compliance requirements, onsite badge printing ensures greater control over attendee data and access. High-touch sectors like life sciences and pharmaceuticals prefer on-the-spot badge printing to reduce data exposure.

Key Features To Look For In Onsite Event Badge Printing Software

When evaluating onsite event badge printing software, consider these essential features:

Branding, Design & Templates: Look for user-friendly badge design tools, pre-made templates, and customization options.

Offline Capability & External Power Supply: Ensure the software can function offline and provides external power supply options to address technical challenges.

Attendee Look-Up By Code Or Name: Flexibility for attendees to use QR codes or names for check-in.

Reprinting Of Lost/Damaged Badges: The ability to quickly reprint lost or damaged badges.

Integrations: Seamless integration with event registration systems and CRM.

Technical Support: Availability of professional support services for setup and troubleshooting.

Fast Print Speed: Efficient badge printing capabilities to prevent long queues.

The Ability To Print Additional Items: Options to print lanyards, holders, or event passes.

The Best Onsite Event Badge Printing Software

Event badge printing plays a crucial role in making a positive first impression on your attendees and streamlining the check-in process at your events. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve compiled a list of the 13 best onsite event badge printing software options available in 2024, with InEvent taking the top spot for its outstanding features and capabilities.

  1. InEvent:

InEvent stands out as the number one onsite event badge printing software for 2024. This comprehensive event management platform offers an integrated badge printing solution that seamlessly synchronizes with your CRM, making event management a breeze. InEvent’s customizable badge templates, reliable infrastructure, and expert support make it the top choice for event planners seeking a streamlined and efficient badge printing process.

Key Features of InEvent:

One End-To-End Platform: InEvent provides a unified platform that eliminates compatibility issues and streamlines event management, data collection, and audience engagement.

Reliability: With a fully wired infrastructure and an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), InEvent ensures consistent badge printing, even in challenging Wi-Fi environments or during power outages.

Expert Support: InEvent goes beyond software provision, offering on-site setup and dedicated support to address any technical challenges during your event.

  1. Cvent:

Cvent is a well-known name in the event management industry. Its onsite event badge printing software, integrated with the ‘OnArrival’ check-in app, turns iPads into secure badge printing systems. With a wide range of features and positive user reviews, Cvent is a reliable choice for event professionals.

  1. Webex Events:

Webex Events simplifies onsite event management by offering a comprehensive solution for software, hardware, and badge printing needs. It allows you to determine your badge printing requirements before shipping the equipment to your event venue, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

  1. Accelevents:

Accelevents boasts an easy-to-use event badge designer with custom fields, QR codes, and sponsorship placements. The software seamlessly integrates badge printing with event registration, offering both mobile app and self-service kiosk options.

  1. Eventleaf:

Eventleaf enables you to print event badges in advance or on event day using a check-in app and wireless printers. You can design badges in advance, including logos, attendee information, and QR codes, using Eventleaf’s online event management platform.

  1. Eventmobi:

Eventmobi offers a user-friendly badge designer with drag-and-drop functionality. It provides a variety of templates to simplify badge creation, along with custom-branded kiosks for a personalized attendee experience.

  1. Eventbrite:

Eventbrite’s badge printing app and online ticketing platform cater to large events like concerts, festivals, conferences, and exhibitions. It offers flexibility in creating and printing different-sized badges, making it suitable for various event types.

  1. Eventzilla:

Eventzilla’s onsite event badge printing software allows you to add specific details to name badges, including logos, QR codes, and attendee information. It also offers on-demand badge printing for last-minute attendees.

  1. Nunify:

Nunify’s onsite event badge printing solution works offline, ensuring no disruptions due to internet issues. The software offers a visual badge designer and supports various printers, including Zebra and apple air-print integration.

  1. Stova:

Stova’s badge printing solution integrates seamlessly with Stova Registration and other registration providers, ensuring up-to-date attendee information on badges. It provides portable check-in carts for easy setup anywhere at your event venue.

  1. Eventdex:

Eventdex delivers a seamless badge printing experience with Zebra and Brother label printers. It integrates with its event check-in app and registration software, facilitating easy onsite event management.

  1. Agorify:

Agorify automates the check-in and badge handling process, allowing attendees to check in and print their event badges themselves. It offers integration with event apps, attendee networking, lead retrieval, ticketing, and attendee management.

  1. Fielddrive:

Fielddrive offers fast onsite event badge printing, taking just seconds to print each badge. It offers QR code scanning and even face recognition technology for personalized badge printing.

Benefits Of Onsite Event Badge Printing Software

Onsite event badge printing software offers numerous advantages for event organizers and attendees:

Speed & Efficiency: Badges are printed as needed, reducing waste and saving time during event setup. Self-service kiosks also expedite check-in, preventing long queues.

Data Integration: The software seamlessly integrates with event registration systems, automatically updating attendee data in real-time, reducing manual data entry errors.

Reporting & Analytics: Built-in reporting tools track attendance and provide insights for future events, enhancing data-driven decision-making.

Cost-Effective: Onsite printing eliminates shipping costs for pre-printed badges and is more cost-effective in the long run, saving time and resources.

Environmentally Friendly: By printing only necessary badges, onsite printing minimizes waste. Some solutions offer recycled paper options and reduced plastic badge holders.

Improved Security: Onsite badge printing enhances security by ensuring badges are issued only to registered attendees, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

Flexibility: The software can accommodate last-minute changes and updates to attendee information, ensuring accuracy.

Customization: Badge templates can be fully customized to match event branding, with options for logos, color schemes, and QR codes.

Improved Attendee Experience: Attendees enjoy a seamless, personalized experience, with quick check-in and networking opportunities through mobile event apps.

How To Choose The Best Onsite Event Badge Printing Software

Selecting the right onsite event badge printing software involves careful consideration of compatibility, customization options, pricing, setup support, and more. Here’s a summary of key factors to keep in mind:

Compatibility: Ensure the software integrates smoothly with your existing event management platforms and CRM.

Template Selection: Look for a variety of badge templates that suit your event’s branding.

Customization: The software should offer comprehensive customization options.

Pricing: Assess your budget, event frequency, and expected attendance to choose a cost-effective solution.

Easy Setup & Onsite Support: Consider vendors that provide setup assistance and technical support for stress-free implementation.


Selecting the best onsite event badge printing software in 2024 is essential for enhancing your attendees’ experience and simplifying event check-in. While there are several excellent options available, InEvent leads the pack with its integrated platform, reliability, and exceptional support, making it the top choice for event professionals. Evaluate your specific event needs and budget to determine which software aligns best with your goals, ensuring a seamless and efficient badge printing process at your next event.

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