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Posted on January 16, 2024

AI Video and Music Tools for Event Professional

In recent years, the event planning industry has witnessed a remarkable growth in the use of generative AI tools for content creation. While tools like ChatGPT have gained significant attention, there are other advancements in AI for event planning that are equally noteworthy. AI video and music generators, in particular, have shown great potential in accelerating content creation while offering extensive customization options. This article explores the benefits of using AI video and music generators in event planning, provides an overview of popular tools in the market, and discusses creative ways to incorporate AI-generated videos and music into events.

AI Video Generators for Event Professionals

When selecting an AI video generator for event purposes, it is important to consider the required functionality. Some tools specialize in creating animated videos, while others focus on generating live-action footage. Additionally, the capabilities of the tool should be evaluated, such as the ability to add text overlays, graphics, and logos. Event teams should also prioritize user-friendly tools with intuitive editing, previewing, and exporting features. Here are free AI video generators that event professionals can explore:

  1. Descript: Editing Video by Editing the Script

Descript is an AI video editing software that takes a unique approach to video production. Instead of relying on traditional timeline-based editing, Descript allows you to edit your video by editing the script itself. The tool generates a transcript of your video, and you can easily make changes by highlighting parts of the script that you want to remove or modify. Descript also offers features like scene division and integration with stock video libraries, making it a versatile tool for creating professional-looking videos.

  1. InVideo

InVideo is a platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to help users create high-quality videos. With a library of over 5,000 templates, users can easily customize their videos with images, videos, music, and other elements. InVideo also offers an AI script generator, eliminating the need to start from scratch. Once the video is created, it can be exported in various formats, including MP4, WEBM, and GIF.

  1. Wondershare Filmora: Polishing Videos with AI Tools

Wondershare Filmora is a popular video editing software that incorporates AI-powered tools to enhance video quality. With features like AI smart cutout, audio denoise, motion tracking, and background removal, Filmora allows event professionals to polish their videos and achieve professional results without spending hours on manual editing. The software also offers a template library and integration with social media platforms for easy content distribution.

  1. is an AI video generator that allows users to convert written content, such as blog posts and articles, into videos. With a library of templates and an AI script generator, simplifies the video creation process. The platform also offers the flexibility to customize videos with ease. is accessible without the need for an account, making it convenient for users to experiment and explore its features.

  1. Animaker

Animaker is a user-friendly tool that caters to users of all skill levels. Leveraging AI, Animaker helps users create engaging animation and live-action videos within minutes. With a library of over 100,000 characters and an AI scene generator, Animaker offers a wide range of customization options. The platform also features an AI animation editor, allowing users to bring their creative vision to life.

  1. Runway: Experimenting with Generative AI

Runway is an advanced AI tool that enables event professionals to experiment with generative AI for video production. It offers a suite of tools for tasks such as text-to-video generation, image-to-image transformation, and even training your own AI models. While Runway has a steep learning curve, it provides powerful capabilities for creating unique and visually stunning videos. By leveraging generative AI, event planners can explore new creative possibilities and generate content that stands out.

  1.  Powtoon

Powtoon is a versatile video generation tool that empowers users to create various types of videos using customizable templates. Designed for both beginners and professionals, Powtoon offers an extensive range of features. By utilizing Powtoon, event teams can accelerate the video creation process and avoid hefty agency fees. The platform is particularly suitable for creating high-quality animated videos without prior experience.

  1. Synthesia

Synthesia is an AI-powered video generator that enables users to create stunning videos within a short span of 15 minutes. Utilizing artificial intelligence, Synthesia generates realistic videos with AI avatars and text-to-speech voice overs. With a library of over 140 AI avatars and support for more than 120 languages, Synthesia provides event professionals with the tools to create customized videos. The platform also features a video editor for further customization of videos.

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AI Music Generators for Event Professionals

In addition to AI video generators, AI music generators have also gained traction in event planning. These tools help event professionals overcome the challenges of creating original, high-quality music for events. When selecting an AI music generator, event teams should consider the compatibility with desired musical styles and genres. They should also assess the platform’s capabilities, such as composing original music, creating royalty-free tracks, and remixing existing compositions. Furthermore, ease of use and efficient workflows are crucial factors to consider. Here are free AI music generators for event professionals:

  1. Jukedeck: Customizable AI Music Composer

Jukedeck is an AI music generator that allows users to create custom music tracks for their events. The platform offers a wide range of genres and styles, and users can customize parameters like tempo, mood, and duration to match their specific needs. Jukedeck’s AI algorithm generates high-quality music tracks that can be used as background music for event videos, presentations, and live performances.

  1. Amper

Amper, hosted on Shutterstock, is a platform that empowers event professionals to create music using AI. With a library of more than 100 AI music styles and over 107,000 royalty-free music tracks, Amper offers a wide range of options for event teams. The platform features an AI music composer that generates music in real-time, allowing users to see how changes affect the music. Amper also provides a music editor for further customization with instruments, effects, and other elements.

  1. Melobytes

Melobytes is a powerful tool for creating high-quality music without prior experience. The platform enables users to create songs from images and text, offering features to adjust tonality, tempo, time signature, and more. Melobytes is user-friendly and provides a variety of tools to assist in creating professional-sounding music.

4. Appy Pie’s AI Video Generator

Appy Pie’s AI video generator revolutionizes the way you create captivating content by transforming your ideas into stunning videos effortlessly. Whether you’re looking to breathe life into blog posts, articles, or capture the essence of a memorable event, Appy Pie’s powerful platform is your go-to solution. Crafting engaging event videos has never been easier. With an extensive library of templates and an intuitive AI script generator, Appy Pie’s AI Video Generator empowers you to seamlessly convert written content into visually compelling narratives. Bring your stories to life with personalized touches, as the platform offers unparalleled flexibility for customization.

5. Soundful

Soundful allows users to create royalty-free background music with ease. While the free plan is limited, it provides an opportunity to try out the platform and assess its suitability. Soundful is particularly useful for creating music for videos, livestreams, and podcasts.

6. Mubert

Mubert is an AI-powered music generation tool that creates original, royalty-free music for various media. By analyzing and recreating the elements of existing music, Mubert generates new and unique music based on the user’s desired style. The platform offers a wide selection of genres, moods, and tempos, allowing event professionals to find the perfect music for their events.

7. Boomy

Boomy is an AI-powered tool that enables users to create original songs with ease, even without prior music-making experience. By leveraging AI algorithms, Boomy “learns” from user input and provides a wide range of features and functionalities. Boomy also offers paid plans that enable users to monetize the music they create.

The Benefits and Limitations of AI Video and Music Generators

AI video and music generators offer numerous benefits for event professionals, including increased efficiency, cost savings, and creative possibilities. These tools can automate time-consuming tasks, such as editing and composition, allowing event planners to focus on other aspects of their event. AI generators also provide access to a vast library of content, eliminating the need for extensive filming or music licensing.

However, it is important to acknowledge the limitations of AI video and music generators. While they can produce impressive results, the technology is still evolving, and the outputs may not always meet the level of human creativity and intuition. Event professionals should use AI generators as tools to enhance their content creation process, rather than relying solely on AI-generated content.


AI video and music generators have revolutionized the event planning industry, offering event professionals cost-effective solutions for content creation. These tools provide extensive customization options, allowing event teams to iterate on their content and tailor it to various preferences. With the global market for AI video generators projected to surpass $1.08 billion by 2027, it is clear that the demand for these tools will only continue to grow. By embracing AI in event planning, professionals can enhance the quality of their videos and music, engage attendees on a deeper level, and streamline the content creation process. With the right AI tools at their disposal, event professionals can unlock their creativity and deliver unforgettable experiences to audiences worldwide.

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