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Posted on May 21, 2022

We cannot overstate the importance of knowing how to do a webinar. It is one of the most effective ways by which you can engage customers in an ever-increasing remote world. 

If this is your first time, you can rely on this article to serve as a guide for learning how to do a webinar. 

What is a webinar

A webinar is an online event that a company and broadcast host to a select group of individuals using their computers with a good network connection. People refer to webinars as webcasts, online events, or seminars in some other cases. 

Furthermore, a webinar allows the host to interact with the audience using SharePoint presentations and slides. In a webinar, the audience can ask the moderator a series of questions about the webinar using the available instant messaging channels on the webinar app or via Emails. 

How do you start a webinar?

To start a webinar requires you to put many things in place. This will help you get your audience’s attention and have a lasting impression in their minds. Here are a few tips from our resident webinar strategist:

1. Choose a specific topic:

This is the first step to starting a webinar. Without a topic, there is no webinar. Therefore ensure to select an issue on just anything or your particular area of expertise. For example, if you talk to Human Resource personnel, you can talk about employee retention strategies. In short, ensure you know enough about the selected topic and ensure that whoever you are inviting to speak to the audience is also an expert.

2. Pick a webinar tool :

There are many webinar tools out there, but only a few meet up to expectations. You can try out the InEvent webinar tools. It will be of great help to you. The InEvent webinar platform has considered all you need to have a successful webinar that is not limited to your budget, the number of people you are expecting, customization, or branding, etc. 

3. Create a registration page:

After choosing our webinar tool, the next important thing is to create a registration page. This registration page will serve as a landing page for the audience to register. On your landing page, ensure you put a few pointers that highlight the nature of your webinar and the background of your host. 

4. Select a webinar format 

Knowing how to present your topic is the best way to structure your webinar efficiently. You will need to choose the best format that will suit your goals and objectives. 

Here are a few formats by our experts:

  • Interview

In this format, interviews will allow the audience to ask the host series of questions about their field of discussion. The host could either be a thought leader or a knowledgeable professional with good knowledge of their chosen area of discussion. 

  • Product

This format will allow you to show your customers the best way to use your product or service. If there is anyone who wants more understanding of how your product works, this will be an avenue to answer their questions 

5. Produce your content

This aspect is a very crucial one. It determines whether your webinar will be a success or not. In fact, this is where all your hard work shines.

 You can decide to go with a slide deck or a video of you interviewing your audience. Regardless of the format you choose to produce your content, ensure that the content is engaging. 

Here are some tips:

  • Use more visuals over words. Include GIFs and animations where necessary. 
  • Ensure that your webinar is not more than 45-60 minutes. The reason is that, on average, you are only expected to present a webinar in this timeframe.
  • Make your slides engaging and short. Make use of one idea per slide. 

6. Roll out your invitations

No one will attend your webinar if you do not advertise it the right way. Therefore, ensure to use different marketing strategies to get your webinar in the face of your audience. You can leverage social media channels, email marketing, and several other available mediums to reach your target audience.

How does attending a webinar work? 

If you have never attended a webinar before and wish to know how it works, here are a few tips:

A Webinar is a live event. 

You must first have in mind that a webinar is a live event. It has a predetermined date and time that the webinar organizers choose, making it different from the regular online videos. In most cases, some companies do offer video-on-demand links to the attendees of the webinar to help them re-watch the event at their convenience. 

However, a webinar can only be a webinar only if it is a live event and it has a preset date of kick-off. 

They Have Online Attendees 

There is no webinar without online attendee(s), even if you have just one. Since you can leverage VOD, there is no preset number of attendees that needs to be in a webinar. However, according to research, we found that most webinars see an average of 50-100 attendees. 

Webinars are means of interaction.

One of the peculiar things about webinars is that it provides a means of interaction between the host and the attendees. Today, all webinars create time for Q/A sessions. Most webinar tools nowadays come with live chat to enhance interaction.

Webinars Leverages visual slides or other aid

Most educational webinars use visualization tools. This includes videos, slides, and other mediums. These are used to communicate crucial information about the subject of the online seminar to the attendees while keeping them engaged.

Benefits of hosting a webinar

There are tons of benefits to hosting a webinar. Here we list some of the benefits below:

  • Helps to boost your brand awareness 
  • Reach out to a large group of people
  • A means to generate new leads
  • Enables you to boost your brand’s influence and authority 
  • You can increase your audience engagement using webinars 
  • It helps you drive sales 
  • Webinars are a means to earn more revenue. 
  • It allows you to position yourself as an expert in your chosen niche. 

How to create a great webinar – A step by step guide

To create a great webinar, you need to have the best strategy. This is pivotal to the success of your webinar. Here are a few tips by our event strategists on how to create a great webinar:

Step 1: Understand your attendees

This will help you ideally understand who to expect at your webinar. You will be able to know who is attending, the challenges they are facing, and their goals and objectives. 

Step 2: Content first 

This is a rule of thumb. Content is King. People attend webinars where they can get value for their money. In short, where they can have something tangible to learn. Therefore, you have to ensure that you are offering engaging and interesting topics. 

Step 3: Find a great speaker

Ensure that you choose the right speaker for your webinar. It is important that whoever you invite must have proper knowledge and experience to talk about the selected topic. You can use either influencer in your niche or experts in your industry. 

Step 4: Pick the best date or time

Research shows experts believe that the date and time of a webinar determine to a great extent, the turnout and its success. It is believed that Thursdays are the best for webinars by 11:00 am

Step 5: Choose your webinar format

There are different kinds of webinar formats. You can choose between a single expert presenter, dual presenter, panel, interview webinar, or the Q/A format. Also, you can do a mix of the formats. However, regardless of your format, ensure that you choose the right one for your online event. 


How do I record a live webinar?

To record a live webinar, all you have to do is download and install your webinar screen recorder of choice, run and adjust the settings, then record. 

How do i record webinars on my computer?

There are tons of tools out there that you can use to record webinars on your computer. An example is Movavi screen recorder. Download and install the screen recorder on your PC, run the program, adjust its settings and record the webinar. When you are done recording, you can save the recording, edit, and share it. 

How do I record webinar audio or video?

The choice is all yours. If you wish to record webinar audio or video, you can Use Vimeo Screen Record. 

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