How to Explore Strategies for Lead Generation and Engagement at Events and Conferences

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Posted on January 24, 2024

How to Explore Strategies for Lead Generation and Engagement at Events and Conferences

In the dynamic world of event marketing, the ability to generate high-quality leads is pivotal to exhibitor success. Exhibitors rely on an efficient lead generation system to drive business outcomes and maximize their return on investment (ROI). In this article, we’ll delve into solutions that transform the lead generation landscape, helping exhibitors create exceptional on-site experiences for sponsors and attendees.

The Cornerstones of Effective Lead Generation

Lead collection at events and conferences are based on two essential components: a lead capture app and a digital leads portal. The lead capture app serves as the primary tool for gathering leads, while the leads portal empowers exhibitors with instant access to valuable contact information. To elevate your event’s potential and enhance exhibitor value, consider upgrading your lead generation technology with InEvent’s comprehensive solutions.

Qualities of an Exceptional Lead Capture App

The foundation of a successful lead generation strategy is a user-friendly lead capture app. At events, time is of the essence, and exhibitors can’t afford to waste precious moments training on complex software. InEvent’s lead capture app shines in its intuitive design, ensuring that exhibitors can navigate with ease even in the most hectic event environments.

Moreover, a top-tier lead capture app should enable exhibitors to prioritize leads effectively. Features such as note-taking, customizable questionnaires, favoriting, and real-time content sharing are pivotal. These capabilities empower exhibitors to swiftly identify and engage with the most promising prospects, facilitating meaningful follow-up conversations.

The Power of an Advanced Leads Portal

In the past, exhibitors often had to wait for event organizers to provide lead lists, leading to delays in post-event engagement. InEvent’s technology revolutionizes this process by offering exhibitors instant access to leads as soon as they are captured. This real-time functionality empowers exhibitors to act swiftly and seize valuable opportunities.

Reporting capabilities are the linchpin of evaluating lead generation technologies. InEvent’s leads portal offers a rich array of reporting options, including pre-built templates for exhibitors and the flexibility to create custom reports. This versatility ensures that exhibitors can track their performance effectively and derive actionable insights from their leads.

Lead Generation Best Practices Empowered by InEvent

Even with the most advanced technologies at their disposal, exhibitors can benefit from adopting best practices to maximize lead generation results:

  1. Strategic Contact List Creation: Encourage exhibitors to prepare a target contact list in advance. Identifying potential leads beforehand helps exhibitors work smarter and focus their efforts on the most valuable connections.
  1. Comprehensive Note-Taking: Notes regarding attendees’ interests, competitive solutions, buying timelines, or specific needs are instrumental for successful follow-up and personalized communication.
  1. Timely Follow-Up: Swiftly send sales and marketing collateral to target contacts while your brand remains top of mind. Implement UTM tracking for event attribution to measure the impact of your efforts.
  1. Preference-Based Communication: Instead of sending generic information, prompt exhibitors to inquire about booth visitors’ preferred contact methods. Personalized communication increases engagement and response rates.
  1. Goal Setting and Tracking: Encourage exhibitors to establish and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) such as the number of leads collected and sales closed. These metrics provide valuable insights into event success and ROI.

InEvent’s lead generation solutions empower exhibitors to unlock the full potential of event marketing. With intuitive lead capture apps, real-time access to leads, and robust reporting capabilities, exhibitors can elevate their event experiences and drive tangible business outcomes. By implementing these solutions and best practices, exhibitors can ensure their success at events and achieve impressive ROI.

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