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Webinar vs Virtual Conference – Everything you should know

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Virtual interactions are here to stay. Statistics show that the presence of these online contacts has grown more than 50% in...

Webinar marketing – 6 tips on how to promote your webinar.

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Webinar marketing cannot be over-emphasized. They are one of the best sources of valuable information. The reason is that you can...

10 Best Webinar Software you should consider in 2024 – No.1 is super cool

Views: 8728

Webinars are taking the digital space by storm, but this didn’t start today. The pandemic outbreak triggered an increment...

How companies can measure the success of their events

Views: 15931

Measuring the success of an event can be a complicated process for many event planners. It is easy to look at the number of...

Virtual workshop: Everything you should know about virtual workshops in 2022

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Are you considering hosting a virtual workshop for your team or your audience? Learn about the different types of virtual...

Lead generation for online events:  7 tips to rock your event!

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Are you planning your online event and want to know how to generate leads? Check out these tips to generate leads at your online...

5 Ways to Plan an Educational Webinar in 2022

Views: 12343

Looking to host a successful educational webinar? Check out these five planning tips that will help make your event a success!...

Meeting rooms for a hybrid workplace

Views: 9260

Learn about the benefits of meeting rooms for a hybrid workplace, what factors to consider when choosing a meeting room, and...

Virtual Job Fairs

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Virtual job fairs can be a crucial part of the job search process. Not only can it help to connect you to the right people who...

What event professionals can learn from the Super Bowl

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Find out what event professionals can learn from the Super Bowl as a showcase of building up attention, creating and engaging...

Ice breakers for virtual meetings

Views: 8946

Find out the best ice breakers for virtual meetings to help you have fun, engaging, and productive team meetings. Meetings,...

How to design and host customer-centric events

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Learn the best practices to design and host customer-centric events. It´s impossible to prosper as a business neglecting...

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