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3 Engaging Webinar Formats to Create More Compelling Content

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Posted on August 5, 2022

Webinar is an effective and versatile tool to promote products, services, or courses on the Internet. And not always necessarily with a commercial purpose. With webinars, you can attract new customers and partners, hold online training events, present and sell products, goods, or services, and answer numerous questions interesting to your target audience.

Why do webinars start to bring fewer results?

The main thing in a webinar is the topic and the content. But even the most filling and helpful webinar, sooner or later, lose its position – ceases to convert and bring results. Then the entrepreneur or marketer frantically tries to fix the problem:

  • Changes the structure of the webinar.
  • Makes small and large technical revisions.
  • Tries to influence the yield, changing the chain of webinar reminders.
  • Fixes the pushing to purchase.

And still, nothing changes. A crucial question arises “Is it impossible to revive the webinar somehow?” You can if you change the webinar format.

This is not a minor change but a global shift, which can breathe new life into your product. The unusual webinar format increases the conversion at every stage of the webinar funnel. Here’s why:

  • Unusual webinar format helps you stand out. There are many typical webinars on the web. In their background, a unique webinar format is more effective at advertising and gives cheaper registrations.
  • Unusual webinar format is memorable. Users will remember you before the webinar, which means the yield will be higher than that of a classic webinar. People are more willing to register and come to something new, unusual, and helpful.
  • Unusual webinar format sells better. Unique content presentation format always warms up better, arouses more emotions, and sells better.

Often marketers share their knowledge and preparatory documents for webinars at Studocu. However, on Google, you can find a lot of necessary information on different webinar formats. Now let’s discuss 3 engaging webinar formats to create more compelling content.

Interview webinar

An interview webinar is a conversation between two experts: the hero of the interview and the presenter. If at a classic webinar the role of the presenter is rather technical (asking questions from the chat and monitoring the communication), then in the interview webinar, he or she is an equal participant in the dialogue. He or she asks questions, notices something, and even provokes the expert. Provocative interview webinars are always interesting for the audience.

For this webinar format, you can prepare yourself. For example, you can tell the hero of the interview in advance, “I will definitely ask you about your three favorite movies,” or “There will be a question about your three favorite use cases – take a presentation of three short slides.”

You can also do a blitz interview or a Q&A session. Its features are that you can:

  • Use the live format as much as possible
  • Announce at once that it is improvisation, everything happens live, and there is no editing
  • Give participants the opportunity to ask their hero questions

So, if you want to try something new with high results, pay attention to the interview webinar.

Why does an interview webinar work?

This webinar format is very attractive because it is really alive. Instead of dry, pre-prepared content, there is exclusive information that a good interviewer can pull out of the interlocutor and show the audience. Something a person will never say in a typical presentation, but he can reveal himself in a live conversation.

You can state bluntly in an interview webinar, “We don’t know ourselves what’s going to happen here.” It will be interesting because it differs from the interviews we watch on YouTube and read in the newspapers.

Panel discussion webinar

It is a one-day webinar format where speakers speak for several hours in a row: in small blocks, with breaks in between. The panel’s topic is common, but each speaker looks at it from a different angle. 

For example, the theme of the panel discussion is “Graphic Designer in 2023”:

  • One speaker talks about the profession in general
  • Another talks about how to get a job in this profession
  • The third one discusses some specific skills that a graphic designer should have
  • A fourth talks about an internship, and so on

So, if you want to try something new, pay attention to the panel discussion webinar.

Why does a panel discussion webinar work?

It brings lots of usefulness in a short amount of time. A panel discussion participant looks at a topic of interest to him from various angles and delves into the approaches of different speakers. Everyone comes to the panel discussion for something different. As a result, panel discussions cover the audience as widely as possible with a relatively small effort.

Masterclass webinar

To renew your webinar format that doesn’t work, you should add some invigorating practice to it. But not all practices are equally helpful. The practice in your masterclass webinar should be:

  • Feasible. Practice should be chosen by the level of your audience and well revealed. People should not be intimidated by the quantity of difficult content and feel like losers who do not succeed at all.
  • Dynamic. Sometimes, at the stage of independent practice, the speaker is silent, and there is also silence in the chat. Don’t disappear for long: stay in contact with the audience, and don’t forget about timing.
  • With a specific result. It can be minimal, but users will already be satisfied.
  • Inspiring. Don’t forget to praise your listeners! It’s hard for them to do what the speaker does every day for the first time.

So, if you want new sales, pay attention to the masterclass webinar.

Why does a masterclass webinar work?

First, practice is more interesting, compelling, and memorable than dry theory. Second, by doing something with their hands (or brains), the user will forever be the person who did it:

  • Draw a picture
  • Embroider a flower
  • Designed an image
  • Write a working piece of code

And he or she wants more! Because after your webinar, he or she knows, “I was able, I am capable, and I can do more.”


Don’t be afraid! There are no rules. We create them ourselves. Try and experiment with webinar formats so that you will be remembered by your clients faster.

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