4 Ideas for Getting Sensational Content at Your Next Live Event

4 Ideas for Getting Sensational Content at Your Next Live Event

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Posted on June 16, 2023

Tips for getting unique content at your next live event is a popular topic that event organizers are interested in. When organizing an event takes a lot of time and effort, you want the target audience to appreciate the efforts invested and respond with positive feedback. And sometimes, the event’s purpose is to sell goods or services if we are discussing an exhibition fair or a conference with presentations. In this case, think over as much as possible what you will say to the target audience and the appropriate event platform. Other types of content are equally important, such as visual and audiovisual content. Let’s consider in more detail how to think about the content at the event so that it fulfills the function that exists for it.

1. Design Informative Invitations

Often, organizers need to pay more attention to this critical content when thinking about actionable tips for getting unique content at your next live event. The mistake is that invitations are treated as a formality. This approach needs to be corrected. If the potential target audience is not conveyed the benefits of the event in the invitation, then all further efforts may be in vain, as people will not come. To prevent this from happening and your message to be bright and understandable, use the following tips:

  • Try to grab attention from the first lines. Present the information in such a way that it causes intrigue. The more interest you generate, the more likely the person will take the time to attend the event.
  • Avoid formulaic wording. When the reader reads too many general phrases and no specifics, this leads to the fact that he needs to see the potential novelty in the upcoming event. This is logical. If the information about the event is uninteresting, the audience is unlikely to think the script itself will surprise you with creativity.
  • Be concise. The audience may not read the text when too overloaded with details. People only sometimes have time to read large chunks of content. And behind the voluminous presentation, the essential meaning is often lost. In such cases, it turns out that the author achieves the opposite effect. Initially, he wanted to interest the reader. And in the end, it turned out that the audience did not get acquainted with the announcement at all.

In a word, the competent text of the invitation is fundamental.

2. Come up with a content plan

If you initially prepare a content plan and display it in the script, this will make it possible to avoid hitches and awkward pauses during the event. In some aspects, there is a place for improvisation. But when you can’t plan the whole event, it looks like a caotic. The audience gets the impression that the organizers need to prepare more.

Creating a robust content plan is crucial for any event, encompassing the designation of discussion topics, speaker selection, and presentation preparation. In the digital era, where attention spans are often short, presentations must be concise, engaging, and visually compelling. Conference presentations should adhere to a well-structured format to ensure clarity and professionalism, thus maintaining consistency across different sessions. These presentations can be customized to mirror the event’s theme, creating a cohesive and professional aura. 

3. Engage in social media

Social networks have become a virtual channel where the audience draws information about events of interest. Over 4.74 billion people around the world use social media, according to recent statistics. Your target audience also uses this tool to find out the news. Why not place the announcement of the event on bright banners there? And if you correctly connect targeted advertising, this will increase the chances that many new interested audiences will come to you.

For the coverage of an event on a social network to be as effective as possible, you need to plan it and several stages. You can use the relevant tips below:

  • Start preparing your audience for the event earlier. If there is a significant event for a large audience, you can start announcing it a few weeks before the event date. And if we are talking about a small event for a narrow audience, start about a week in advance. People need to plan their time. The audience often only gets to the event partially due to an untimely announcement. Visitors learn about the event already when they have designed their future schedule. To keep your audience engaged, you can use a social media scheduling tool to plan and schedule social posts in advance.
  • Use different types of content. You can divide the content in social networks into two large groups – informational and advertising. The task of information content is to acquaint the audience with the organizational details of the event. The purpose of advertising content is to highlight the event from a position of benefit. Thus, you need to aim the first type of content at making people aware of the event’s date, place, and program. The second type of content has a different task. His role is to encourage the potential audience to attend the event. It is good when advertising and informational content alternate. If there is no advertising, the likelihood that you will be able to motivate the audience to the desired action decreases. If there is too much advertising, it looks intrusive, and the audience perceives it as psychological pressure.

In addition to these recommendations, focusing on the people speaking at the event will also be appropriate. This may be a well-known specialist, blogger, or other opinion leader in his industry.

4. Take care of the technical details

In addition to the rich program of the event, it is essential to consider the participants’ comfort. Comfortable furniture, high-quality sound, comfortable lighting, and the availability of spare chargers for gadgets – this is what affects the quality of the event to a lesser extent than the content. Make sure that guests feel your careful and responsible attitude. This approach increases the likelihood that they will develop confidence in the organizers. For signing agreements or collecting guest signatures in advance, using e-signature is a more formal and secure way. This means you will have a more loyal audience that can attend the following events.

Tips for getting exceptional content at your next live event: conclusion

Summing up this topic, it is worth highlighting the following recommendations:

  • Announce the event in advance so people can plan their time.
  • Prepare informative and meaningful invitations.
  • Think over the scenario and plan the event so that an excessive amount of improvisation does not cause a sense of chaos.
  • Use social networks wisely by posting informational and advertising content there.
  • Take care of the comfort of the participants.
  • Don’t forget to give the proper time and attention to evaluating your event

Successful event!

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