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How to Plan an Event: 10 Tips for planning corporate events and meetings

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Posted on January 15, 2019

How to plan an event and event challenges are sometimes one of the most overwhelming  endeavors you will ever undertake. Corporate events and meetings can be a great way to engage employees, reward top performers and increase morale, discuss team building exercises or a celebration, thus, there are so many things to consider when planning. 

10 Tips for organizing corporate meetings and lunches

At some times of the year, corporate events take their place in the agendas more intensely. But meetings and corporate lunches are not only about the menu. The person in charge of organizing all the meeting logistics well knows the difficulty in orchestrating every detail so that everything works out, whether for a smaller or larger event or for a more formal or relaxed meeting.

We have prepared some important tips for you to put together the whole structure of a successful corporate lunch or meeting, as well as different creative ideas for your event that will make your guests happy.

Here are 10 tips from Inevent professional platform for planning your special corporate event and meetings.

1. Plan according to schedule and stick to budget

If you plan your corporate event and meetings accordingly, it’s possible to stay on schedule, within budget and have plenty of fun, too. You can set meetings in the evening, if possible, since this is when everyone tends to have more energy. Make sure you have enough whiteboards for the event. This way people can redirect drawings or notes if necessary. Focus on the most important things needed to create a successful experience.

2. Gather every data about the event or meeting

Organizing a corporate event requires you to plan and execute all aspects of the event, such as rental equipment, food and beverage services, entertainment and transportation. With a little preplanning and forethought, scheduling a workplace meeting or event can be simple and fun.

3. Save the Date and RSVP for Corporate Events

These two terms are very frequent in the organization of events and they mean, respectively, a message of remembrance that the event will take place and a request for confirmation of the invitation. Today’s technology for corporate events allows you to send either Save the Date or RSVP by WhatsApp or by event apps.

4. Set all activities to align with the agenda of the event or meeting

Even if corporate lunches allow some relaxation, guests need to stay focused that the gathering is actually a business opportunity. In addition, meeting the scheduled time for corporate event activities is critical, as everyone has other commitments throughout the day. Thus, following some guidelines may make it easier for the event goal to be fulfilled. Before starting the service, it is important that they pass the agenda of what will be discussed. Even at a small corporate event, this action aligns everyone regarding what will be addressed throughout the meeting. It is interesting that, at a larger event, a professional is responsible for producing a minute, which should be shared with everyone present. These minutes can be sent by email, by WhatsApp, or by the event app.

5. Choose a unique and safe venue

Location of your corporate meetings and events can be the crucial part of the experience. From choosing the right venue, to managing many of the details, it can be tricky to organize an event that will please everyone. Pull together the perfect combination of unique and safe atmosphere and professionalism.

6. Keep logistics for corporate event

The menu is set, invitations were sent, attendance was confirmed. Now you have to think about how to assemble the whole structure so that everything works out in the big day. Articulate meticulously the logistics of suppliers. You should keep in mind who will arrive first, how will be the decoration (small flower pots are always welcome and bring freshness), how will be the service (the type of service varies according to the event’s formalities and the number of guests, which can be French, American, Brazilian or English style), how will be the distribution of seats at the tables – this point is, in fact, very important, since business will be done and people need to connect according to the objective of the meeting – and whether there will happen a formal presentation of the attendees. In that sense, having an event professional can help you in the reception and forwarding of the guests to their places. Even for small events, these details bring a special charm and show your concern with the attendees’ event experience.

7. Note down Food Restrictions of some guest

When setting up the menu of your meeting, whether it is a corporate event that requires a coffee break or a more complex meeting, you need to think about the food restrictions of some guests. So follow a more classic menu. For a coffee, snacks without farinaceous or milk can be incorporated among the others. For lunch, it is always good to offer at least two types of animal protein and a good carbo (pasta, for example). For dessert, you can offer sweet jams with fruit and a more elaborate pudding or mousse.

8. Delegate tasks among multiple people and supervise the task

You can delegate duties to help you concentrate on major areas of the event or meeting. However, be ready to supervise the task delegated. Ascertain extent it has been carried out and what needs to be done. Direct and instruct them on the next step to follow. Check out also the list of who to contact, what documents to gather, and how to distribute further necessary information.

9. For virtual corporate events and meetings, be abreast with online meeting tools

Help your boss look like a rock star by presenting cross-functional meetings that are organized, focused, and fun. Learn proven techniques for planning virtual events and meetings so your attendees will hear everything discussed during the event. Logging in using the mg the meeting link and  you can’t hear your neighbor? You don’t want to make the organizer or anyone else for that matter look inexperienced.

10. Invite a musical attraction

A discreet musical attraction can be a differential and an innovation for the business meeting. This is because the music will leave the environment lighter, without taking the attention off what really matters. A jazz ensemble or a solo singer brings harmony to the encounter. In the end, the objective of the event was fulfilled and everyone will have fun, waiting for an invitation to the next editions of a successful business lunch or meeting!

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