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6 Event Engagement Ideas To Win Your Attendees

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Posted on August 10, 2022

Recently, audiences are hard to engage, and repetitive engagement ideas also do not help the cause. Have you lately been struggling with engaging your event audience too? Then we might have something for you!

In this blog, we have arranged a series of the latest engagement ideas you might not have heard elsewhere. Implement them in your upcoming event, and the results will surprise you.

Let’s see what these audience engagement ideas are!

5 Event Ideas To Enhance Engagement ideas

A lot of event ideas in recent years have become repetitive, so you need to think out of the box to boost the event engagement around your events. We are making your task easier by arranging a guide of ideas. 

1. Display a social media wall

Every virtual, in-person, or hybrid event should display a social media wall. A social media wall has also provided significant benefits to event marketers through audience engagement, social proof, and other factors, making it an essential component of every event. One way to increase audience engagement on a social media wall is to encourage users to like and comment on Instagram posts displayed on the wall. This can help to get Instagram likes and boost the reach of the events.

It is a digital screen that displays user-generated information from social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and others in real-time.

Social media walls can be utilized in various marketing touchpoints, including hybrid events, e-commerce storefronts, email campaigns, and websites.

Audience engagement, social proof, a sense of trust, brand loyalty, brand advocacy, word-of-mouth marketing, increased conversion rates, and profits are just a few of the advantages of a social media wall.

2. Pre-Event And Live Polling

Many marketers employ polls to boost audience engagement. It’s incredibly effective and for a good reason.

Pre-event polling gives your audience the impression that the virtual event’s content will be tailored to their specific demands. 

Your audience will be more interested in the information. This implies you’ll add more value to the event, increasing the chances of a positive return on investment. Moreover, you can also create a QR code for your event to let attendees see all your event details.

Your audience will be more likely to attend your event if you could find the content you display relevant to them.

Live polling to interact with the audience is a simple approach for event organizers.

If your audience is a little larger, try using multiple-choice questions.

The ability to do something with the data is crucial to successful live polling. Always give the impression that the audience is contributing and that their ideas are appreciated. You want to ensure that they are having the time of their life.

3. Arrange Breakout Sessions

Small groups of spectators can meet in breakout sessions to discuss specific event themes. With the help of a virtual event app, they can be created electronically or in person.

By matching people with similar interests, you can assure compatibility in your virtual and in-person breakout sessions. In addition, virtual participants have access to their own personal video chat room.

To promote virtual involvement activities, arrange many breakout sessions throughout a lecture. Switching breakout room attendees each time is a fun way to be creative with your meeting engagement ideas. In addition, this encourages your viewers to network more. Discover the power of custom ERP software to enhance efficiency and engagement.

Bring a laptop or tablet to the in-person breakout rooms to combine in-person and virtual breakout sessions. This allows an online attendee to communicate with in-person attendees.

4. Involve Audience In Rapid Fire Learning

Talking about one topic for 30 minutes to an hour during a session might become tedious for both the speaker and listener.

Instead, adopt rapid-fire learning to expedite the speed of your sessions and explore fresh meeting engagement concepts.

This could entail devoting only 10 minutes to each topic, followed by a brief Q&A session before moving on to the next. In addition, conduct polls during each rapid-fire presentation to make it more engaging.

Alternatively, bring in numerous speakers to discuss the same topic, but allow each speaker to speak for a few minutes before introducing the next. Multiple speakers discussing the same topic can keep your audience from becoming comfortable.

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5. Use Reminders And Notifications

Conferences can last many days and include multiple presenters and live feeds. Use notifications to inform your guests about changes or calls to action.

Notifications allow you to provide tailored or broad updates to your audience in order to make them feel included and remind them of future events. You can also notify your live audience of a session modification or cancellation before they walk across the convention hall and discover it has been canceled or relocated.

You can improve conference interaction by presenting special discounts and sponsored communications to your audience via push notifications.

Wrapping Up!

Displaying a social wall is a brilliant technique for audience engagement. There definitely should be one displayed at your next event. Create in an effortless using Taggbox!

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