6 Reasons to Host an In-person Event as a Content Creator

6 Reasons to Host an In-Person Event as a Content Creator

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Posted on May 1, 2024

With over-edited pictures and live streams filling our screens, nothing beats the warmth of a handshake or the energy of a live audience. 

As we thirst for real connections Post-pandemic, content creators are finding real value in blending online influence with offline encounters. 

This article unfolds six compelling reasons to host your in-person event, each promising to elevate your brand and connect with your community on a whole new level.

Reason 1: Humanize Your Brand 

Foster In-person Affinity

In-person events offer a powerful platform to deepen connections with their audience beyond the screen. 

A photographer leading a local photo walk allows their audience to experience the person behind the camera—sharing techniques, favourite shooting spots, and personal stories. This personalizes the creator-audience relationship.

It’s about revealing the human side of digital personas, turning audiences into loyal fans.

Emily Jeffrold’s creative community events are a great example of how in-person events can humanize the connection between content creators and their audience: 


This direct interaction, contrasted with the often impersonal nature of online content, builds a strong, genuine affinity with the audience.

Create Lasting Impressions

Hosting an in-person event is your ticket out of the endless battle for your audiences’ screen time. It’s a unique opportunity to leave them with a lasting memory.

Crafting memorable experiences is crucial for content creators looking to leave a lasting impression on their audience. 

Imagine if a travel influencer you’ve been following for ages announces a group trip to a secret spot they’ve raved about but never disclosed. It’s like being part of an exclusive club, sharing an adventure that’ll be the highlight of your year.

Check out how @travel_wsammy rounded up members of her audience to travel with her: 

Wanna travel the world but you don’t have anyone to go with?

Just come with me instead :)” – source

These are different from your typical, short-lived online interactions. They’re real and personal, making you feel genuinely connected. 

By moving from the screen to real life, content creators are turning casual followers into die-hard fans. 

Showcase Your Unique Brand Personality

If you host an in-person event, treat your brand like it’s your guest of honour.  

This is your chance to let your unique personality shine in a way that’s palpable and immersive.

Think of it as turning the abstract—your brand’s ethos and character—into something attendees can see, touch, and experience firsthand.

If your brand is all about empowerment through fitness, a live event might look like a community boot camp or yoga session in the park. Your followers can sweat it out with you in person, experiencing first-hand the motivational essence of your content.

Ashley Galvin, a famous yoga influencer, did just that. 

They organized a yoga retreat, blending their digital presence with in-person experiences to foster deeper connections with their audience.

Source (Story Highlight: “Yoga Retreat”)

It’s about creating spaces that make your brand’s personality something your audience can walk into and interact with.

When your audience participates in something you’ve carefully aligned with your brand’s values, they’re engaging with the essence of your brand.

It solidifies your brand’s personality in their minds, transforming abstract values into concrete experiences.

To do this well, you need to have a solid understanding of what your brand stands for and a creative mind to translate that into an event that feels authentic and engaging

If you’re feeling stuck about your brand identity, take a look at this model:


Always circle back to your core message and think: How can I make my audience live out the values I talk about in my content.

Reason 2: Enhanced Brand Visibility

Generate Media Coverage

In-person events can be a magnet for media coverage, drawing the attention of local press and niche bloggers to your brand. 

Here’s how to make your event stand out:

  • Spotlight the Unique: Identify what makes your event stand out—whether it’s a special guest, an unconventional format, or a unique theme. This distinct aspect will serve as your main hook for attracting media interest.
  • Engage Early with Media: Start conversations with local journalists and bloggers well in advance of your event. Offering them exclusive insights or previews can stimulate their interest and encourage coverage.
  • Craft a Compelling Press Kit: Prepare a comprehensive press kit that includes a press release, high-quality images, and essential information about your event. Make it as easy as possible for journalists to cover your event by providing them with all the materials they might need. 

Remember, a Press Kit is different from a Media Kit. 

The latter aims to raise awareness, explain services and provide essential information for prospective partners. 


By focusing on these key strategies, you can enhance the media appeal of your event, ensuring it receives the coverage and visibility it deserves.

Reach New Audiences

In-person events are a way to extend your reach and captivate new audiences. 

In-person events provide a tangible experience that can draw in individuals who might not have discovered your brand otherwise. 

Here’s how to leverage events to tap into new audience segments:

  • Collaborate with Diverse Brands and Influencers: Partnering with other creators and brands diversifies your event’s appeal and introduces your brand to their followers.
  • Utilize Targeted Social Media Advertising: Tailor your advertising strategies to reach specific demographics that have shown interest in similar events but are not yet aware of your brand. Leverage influencer marketing to promote your event to specific segments.  
  • Design with Diversity in Mind: Make your event welcoming to all by considering varied interests, ensuring there’s something that appeals to different audience segments.

By thoughtfully applying these strategies, you can significantly broaden your audience base, introducing your brand to new circles and creating potential for future growth.

Encourage Word-of-Mouth Promotion

Attendees who have a remarkable experience at your event are more likely to share their stories with friends, family, and social networks, amplifying your brand’s reach and influence organically.

Here’s how to maximize word-of-mouth promotion through your events:

  • Create Shareable Moments: Design your event with post-worthy spots, surprising elements, or unique activities that attendees will want to capture and share online.

Here are some shareable moments posted by attendees of Emily Jeffrold’s creative community events:

Source Source

  • Encourage Social Sharing: Make it easy for attendees to share their experiences by creating a memorable hashtag for the event and setting up social media stations or incentives for sharing.
  • Deliver Exceptional Value: Whether it’s through insightful talks, engaging workshops, or networking opportunities, ensure your event offers unmatched value that attendees will want to talk about.
  • Foster Personal Connections: Facilitate opportunities for attendees to connect not just with your brand but with each other. Strong personal connections made at your event can lead to stories that are shared widely.
  • Follow Up with Attendees: Post-event, reach out with thank-you notes, surveys, or exclusive content. This keeps the experience top of mind and encourages attendees to continue the conversation about your event.

By focusing on these strategies, you can turn your event into a catalyst for word-of-mouth promotion, leveraging the authenticity and enthusiasm of your attendees to extend your brand’s visibility far beyond the event itself.

Reason 3: Strengthen Your Community 

Foster a Loyal Community

Fostering a loyal community means creating an environment that feels exclusive and inclusive at the same time. 


When attendees feel they’re part of something unique, their connection to the brand deepens, and they form strong bonds with each other, strengthening the entire community.


A prime example of this is how Indie Hackers, initially an online-only platform, expanded into the real world.  Their global meetups are carefully orchestrated by local leaders and bound by a community code of conduct, bringing the spirit of Indie Hackers into a tangible setting

Here are some tips for leveraging in-person events to strengthen loyalty and community:

  • Invite Engagement: Incorporate interactive elements like workshops and Q&A sessions to encourage active participation and dialogue among attendees.
  • Utilize Social Media: Use your event hashtag to facilitate online connections and conversations, extending the community feel beyond the event itself.
  • Offer Membership or Loyalty Rewards: Create a sense of exclusivity with memberships or rewards for event attendees, enhancing their connection to your brand.
  • Plan Regular Events: Hosting events regularly keeps the community spirit alive, ensuring your brand remains a pivotal part of their social fabric.

These tactics can help strengthen community and loyalty, turning attendees into passionate brand advocates.

Immediate Feedback and Interaction

In-person events are a golden opportunity for content creators to gather immediate and insightful feedback directly from their audience.

This real-time interaction is invaluable for gauging audience engagement and identifying areas for improvement or innovation.

  • Utilize Interactive Sessions: Incorporate live Q&A sessions or interactive workshops into your event. 
  • Implement Live Polling: Use live polling tools during your event to gather immediate reactions and opinions from your audience. 
  • Leverage Mobile Event Apps: Enhance the event experience and streamline feedback collection with mobile event apps. These apps can offer immersive experiences that drive engagement and provide a convenient way for attendees to share their feedback during and after the event. 
  • Follow Up with Surveys: Post-event surveys are a great way to collect comprehensive feedback. Sending these via email or through a mobile event app can encourage thoughtful responses, revealing deeper insights into what worked and what could be improved.

You can leverage in-person events as a powerful tool for engaging directly with your audience and collecting feedback that can inform future content and event planning.

Reason 4: Networking Opportunities

Connect with Peers and Industry Leaders

In-person events can open doors to connect with industry leaders and peers, providing invaluable networking opportunities that might otherwise be out of reach. 

For content creators, here are some tips for structured networking opportunities at such events:

  • Curate Networking Sessions: Organize speed networking sessions where attendees rotate through quick meetings with industry leaders. This format ensures participants meet a diverse range of individuals.
  • Host Panel Discussions: Panels with thought leaders offer a dual benefit—valuable insights for the audience and direct access to experts for personal interaction post-discussion.
  • Find the Right Speakers: Attract attendees by inviting speakers who are not just experts but also influencers in your industry. Their presence can draw the audience you’re looking to network with. Consider their industry clout, relevance to your audience, and ability to engage a room. 

Find Potential Collaborators

For content creators, collaboration is often the key to new ideas and expanded reach. 

In-person events are fertile grounds for spotting potential collaborators among a crowd of like-minded individuals. 

Here’s how to find and approach potential collaborators during in-person events:

  • Curate Collaborative Opportunities: Design sessions in a way that naturally lead to interaction and discussion, like workshops or group activities, which can spark collaborative ideas.
  • Facilitate Introductions: Create moments during your event specifically for introductions and networking, such as pre-event mixers or dedicated networking breaks.
  • Highlight Shared Interests: Use your event’s theme to attract attendees with common interests, setting the stage for potential collaborations aligned with your brand’s focus.
  • Showcase Your Work: Have a portfolio or showreel ready to share with potential collaborators, showcasing your best work and the vision for future projects.

Remember, the goal is to initiate relationships that can grow into partnerships, joint ventures, or collaborative projects that extend beyond the event itself.

Enhance your chances of finding the right collaborators and consider using LinkedIn Sales Navigator to generate leads before the event. By identifying and connecting with attendees who match your criteria on LinkedIn, you can arrange face-to-face meetings at your event, thereby maximizing the potential for successful collaborations.

Reason 5: Authentic Content Creation

Create Unique Event-Driven Content

In-person events offer a wealth of opportunities for creating authentic, original content that resonates with both attendees and digital audiences. 

From the unfiltered emotions captured in attendee testimonials to the dynamic discussions of panel talks, each moment provides a rich source for storytelling.

Here are some best practices to keep in mind: 

  • Capture Live Reactions: Record the live reactions of attendees during key moments. Their genuine responses are powerful endorsements of the event’s impact.
  • Stream Your Event: Utilize live streaming to share the vibrancy of the event in real time, allowing your digital audience to feel connected to the experience. Selecting a reliable live streaming platform is essential for ensuring a seamless experience both for you and your online viewers.
  • Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes: Share the behind-the-scenes magic of your event setup and breakdown, which often intrigues audiences and adds a layer of authenticity to your brand narrative.

Markiplier is one of the most recognized faces in the gaming community on YouTube. Check out the magic of behind-the-scenes moments in ‘Markiplier’s Tour: THE MOVIE,’

By leveraging these elements, you can create compelling content that extends your event’s reach and strengthens your connection with your audience.

Engage Your Audience in Content Creation

Engaging your audience in content creation not only amplifies the reach of your event but also increases engagement by encouraging active participation. 

Here’s how you can harness the power of UGC (User-Generated Content) to enhance your event’s impact:

  • Social Media Challenges: Launch challenges that invite attendees to share their event experiences on social media. 
  • Live Co-Creation Workshops: Host workshops that involve your audience in creating content in real-time, whether it’s writing, filming, or designing. 
  • Crowdsourced Highlights: Encourage your attendees to share their highlights and takeaways from the event. 

Incorporating UGC strategies like these transforms your audience from passive attendees to active creators, fostering a deeper connection with your brand and significantly boosting post-event engagement.

Reason 6: Potential for Direct Monetization

Ticket Sales and Registration Fees

In-person events present an opportunity for revenue through ticket sales and registration fees. 

But pricing your event tickets involves a delicate balance and clever techniques. 

You want to ensure that the cost reflects the value attendees will gain, without putting the event out of reach for your target audience. 

Here are a few strategies to consider:

  • Value Perception: Communicate the unique benefits and exclusive content that attendees will gain access to. This can justify a higher ticket price and enhance perceived value. 

 Food Tiktoker, Tini, does an excellent job justifying the ticket price to her pop-up event in NYC.

Tini announcing NYC Pop-upA lot of you wanted to try my food, and now you can!

  • Tiered Pricing: Offer different levels of access or experiences at various price points. 
  • Early Bird Offers: Encourage early registrations by offering discounted rates. This will help boost initial ticket sales and allow you to better forecast your event budget.
  • Dynamic Pricing: Consider using dynamic pricing models that adjust ticket prices based on demand or as the event date approaches.

Many video marketing agencies use these marketing techniques to boost your sales and ensure your event reaches its financial targets. Learn about effective event marketing strategies that can help maximize ticket sales.

Sponsorships and Partnerships

Securing sponsorships and partnerships for your in-person events is a strategic way to fund your in-person event funding while maintaining your creative vision. 


Here’s how to ensure these collaborations reflect and respect your brand values:

  • Identify Aligning Brands: Look for potential sponsors whose brand values and audience align with yours. This synergy ensures that any collaborative efforts feel authentic to your followers.
  • Negotiate Creative Control: Maintain your brand integrity and authenticity by establishing clear agreements that respect your creative control over the event content and presentation. 
  • Leverage Sponsorship Benefits: Utilize sponsorships not just for financial support but also for amplifying your event through cross-promotion. This can include co-branded content, shared social media campaigns, or exclusive offers for attendees.

By thoughtfully selecting and working with sponsors and partners, you can enhance your event’s reach and resources without sacrificing your brand’s unique identity or creative autonomy.

Merchandising and Product Sales

Merchandising and product sales are another great way to monetize in-person events, offering unique memorabilia that captures the event’s essence. 

Here’s how to maximize this opportunity:

  • Design Exclusive Merchandise: Develop limited edition items that resonate with your event’s theme, making them irresistible to attendees.
  • Pre-Event Sales: Utilize pre-orders to gauge interest and boost early revenue, creating anticipation for exclusive event-themed products.
  • Bundle Deals: Combine merchandise with event tickets for special rates, enhancing value and encouraging purchases.
  • Post-Event Promotion: Keep the momentum going by marketing your merchandise online after the event, emphasizing the limited availability to prompt quick action.

Here’s another example of a content creator connecting authentically with their community through an in-person events:

 @tobiahs’s promotes co-branded A1 Collab Shirts in his post-event content:

These focused strategies can significantly enhance your event’s revenue through brand collaborations and merchandising, turning attendees into ambassadors of your brand.

Monetizing Video Content from EventsCapturing the essence of your event through live streaming or recording sessions like workshops, talks, and classes opens up more monetization channels

By selling these videos online, you can extend the lifespan of your event content, reaching a global audience willing to pay for the convenience of accessing exclusive content from anywhere, at any time.

  • Live Streaming for Wider Access: Utilize live streaming to offer real-time access to your event for those who can’t attend in person, setting it up as a pay-per-view feature to generate revenue from a broader audience.
  • Record and Repurpose: Record your event for those who couldn’t make it. These recordings can be offered on pay-per-view platforms, providing ongoing value long after the event has concluded.
  • Membership Site for Recurring Events: For creators hosting regular events, consider leveraging a membership site platform. This allows you to monetize access to videos of these events, creating a steady revenue stream.

By integrating video monetization strategies, content creators can make their in-person events more profitable than ever, ensuring that every aspect of the event contributes to their overall monetization goals.


For content creators, In-person events are platforms for immersive learning, networking, and direct engagement with your audience. 

From deepening connections and enhancing brand visibility to unlocking new avenues for monetization, in-person events are invaluable. 

They challenge you to grow, innovate, and foster communities around your brand, enriching both our personal journey and professional landscape as a content creator. 

Embrace these opportunities to elevate your content and step confidently into the future of content creation.

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