7 Reasons Why You Should Host Video Driven Events

7 Reasons Why You Should Host Video-Driven Events

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Posted on October 1, 2021

Learn about the benefits of hosting video-driven events, including reach, engagement, networking, monetization, and more!

With the rapid growth of audio content and the ongoing buzz around audio chatrooms like Clubhouse, why should event professionals use video for their events? 

The benefits of live streaming are nothing new, as it has been a go-to form of communication for marketers and content creators for years. But increasingly, professionals are going beyond just using video streaming to broadcast live events. 

From pre-event content to networking, event planners are implementing video in all aspects of their events strategy. 

So, video-driven events are quickly becoming the way to go for businesses and organizations of all sizes. In this article, we highlight seven reasons why you should also be hosting video-driven events. 

  1. Build excitement
  2. Boost your impact and reach
  3. Increase engagement
  4. Video-on-demand
  5. Networking
  6. Sponsorship and Monetization
  7. Branding


Reason #1 : Build excitement 

Video is a great medium to build anticipation ahead of your event and generate excitement as the event day approaches. You can offer content from previous events, sneak peeks into what´s coming next, or stream live sessions going behind the scenes at your venue. 


Are you organizing a virtual or hybrid event? Video can be an effective way to engage attendees from the early stages. Indeed, you can give them the option to navigate your event platform and get the best out of everything it offers. 

Additionally, you can host pre-event Q&A sessions to prepare attendees for the virtual or in-person gathering. These sessions could include addressing questions or doubts about health & safety protocols or regarding the features of your virtual platform. 

Reason #2: Boost your impact and reach 

Then, live streaming your event on a video-driven platform is sure to boost your reach, impact, and brand awareness. It will bring in attendees from all over the globe and reach people who don´t have the necessary budget or time to attend an in-person meeting. 

Similarly, video-first events can represent a step up in quality. Organizations can tap into a larger pool of potential speakers and thought-leaders who can tune in and present their ideas virtually. 

And, for events with a capped in-person attendance, video lets you maintain the intimacy of networking face-to-face while ensuring your brand message spreads beyond the confines of your event venue. 

Equally, video-driven platforms empower organizations with a global workforce to host company-wide events, meetings, or happy hours that bring everyone together in a fun and motivating environment. 

Reason #3: Increase engagement

Corporate events that leverage professional video platforms not only reach more people but are also more engaging. Why is that? 

Compared with other content types like audio or text, video content makes viewers more emotionally connected, actively engaged, and likely to retain information. 

Video intrinsically establishes a more human and relatable rapport with the audience, as attendees can see speakers´ body language and facial expressions. The smiles, the hand gestures, or even the stutters contribute to a feeling of authenticity, making the content more appealing and building that all-important trust. 

With audio-only meetings or events, viewers can easily zone out and drift away to do other tasks. Contrastingly, video events incite attendees to stay fully immersed. 

Additionally, video-driven platforms enable organizers to call upon a range of interactive features to involve attendees, such as built-in polls, questions, private chat, or gamification


Furthermore, video events hosted in professional platforms provide better data on attendee behavior and engagement. Attendance tracking software and built-in analytics cut out the guesswork and allow organizers to assess audience engagement accurately.

Reason #4: Video-on-demand 

Video-on-demand (VoD) has been around for a while now, but it undoubtedly remains an integral part of the marketing and entertainment landscape. 

That ability to consume content on our own time is what has spurred platforms like Netflix to global success. 

Event organizers who want to make the most out of their events can use video-first platforms, repurpose their live streams and offer content to people who could not attend in real-time. 

Otherwise, event video allows marketers to repackage excellent content for promotional purposes. For instance, event organizers can clip short videos or highlights and share them with their audience on social media. Organizers can also create teasers based on video footage to promote their next event or as impactful showcases on their company website. 

Reason #5: Networking 

Notably, the use of video is not limited to event content such as keynote sessions. Making the most of specialized platforms, event professionals can implement networking solutions that allow attendees to connect with peers and meet in 1:1 in video calls

While connecting on LinkedIn or speaking in an audio chat room have their advantages, the ability to instantly see and talk with an event attendee who shares professional interests is unrivaled. 


In that line, event platforms with native video solutions allow participants to set up video group meetings, workshops, or breakout rooms. Participants can also get randomly matched to other professionals using a networking roulette and chat on video instantly. 

In turn, this creates communities around the event, which improves the overall attendee experience, boosts loyalty, and makes attendees more likely to recommend the event to peers. 

Reason #6: Sponsorship and Monetization 

Moreover, video can be a valuable asset to monetize your event and attract sponsorship from companies in the industry. 

For example, renowned conferences like Inbound charge additional fees to access on-demand event sessions after the event, join educational breakout sessions or participate in video meet-ups. 

Besides, professional video platforms allow organizers to offer sponsors booths, where companies can interact with attendees on video-conferencing calls and showcase their proposition visually and creatively. 

Distinctly, sponsors and exhibitors can display ads or materials running alongside the main broadcast to make them stand out from the crowd. 

Reason #7: Branding 

Finally, video-driven events hosted on white-label platforms are a great way to strengthen an organization´s brand. 


Contrasting with conferencing software like Zoom, white-label platforms allow full customization of the event environment.

 As a result, organizers can bring to life their brand identity, stamp their colors and visual designs, and leave a memorable impression on attendees. 

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