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Posted on May 2, 2019

You probably read here in InEvent Blog about Marketo integration to empower your teams and also about cloud integration to organize your tasks. Today, we’re gonna explain to you more about data integration and why it is important to improve your work environment for maximum productivity.

But, first…

Data Integration: do you know what it means?

According to Crossing Technologies website, data integration is the process of combining data from many different sources, typically for analysis, business intelligence, reporting, or loading into an application.

Centralizing your data makes it easy for anyone at your team to retrieve, inspect, and analyze it. Also, data integration can simplify marketing and sales workflows. The integration will help your team to provide better insights and also help with website customization, landing pages, email marketing and much more.

It’ll revolutionize the way you work.

There are some ways to improve your data integration. Today, we’re gonna present you Blendr.Io platform and their integrations.

About Blendr.Io is a data integration and cloud automation platform that allows you to easily connect your sales and marketing tools. It also allows SaaS companies to create integrations for their customers through their platforms. With Blend.Io, teams can eliminate repetitive tasks and automate workflows. In one click, you can see all your marketing and sales tools.

Nowadays, some platforms can connect with any system available using our fully documented API.

InEvent, for instance, is a partner of Blendr.Io. Because of that, the event management software provides integration with many features, such as Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle Cloud, and Eloqua – just some examples of the +200 integrations in the InEvent platform with Bledr.Io.

Learn more about some of these tools:

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics is a line of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) software applications.

The feature provides integration between your contacts lists and InEvent’s central CRM database, syncing data bi-directionally from both sides. You can also provide employees database synchronization through Active Directory (AD) syncing. Updates or removals can be done automatically from your preferred settings.


Before learning about Oracle, let’s talk about the database first. It is a collection of data, like photos, numbers, names…. Oracle, in turn, is a computer based-database created to store large amounts of data in a computer system. Oracle released an eCommerce solution, Oracle Commerce Cloud Service, providing servers, storage, network, applications and services through a global network of Oracle Corporation. This service provides a range of powerful tools to build a flexible, feature-rich storefront for your customers.

You can integrate InEvent with Oracle Commerce Cloud to sync data between cloud tools, and trigger certain actions in Oracle Commerce Cloud when some data changes in your SaaS platform and the other way around.


According to Tech Data, “Eloqua is a platform for marketing automation also offered by Oracle that aims to help B2B marketers and organizations manage marketing campaigns and sales lead generation”.

In conclusion, Eloqua helps marketers engage the right audience at the right time while providing real-time reporting and insights

Integrate InEvent platform with Eloqua to sync data between cloud tools, to create and export of all contacts in a segment, to get contacts export info, to create a campaign and much more.

Now, you may know how data integration is important to increase your productivity. Also, as you can see, the InEvent platform is focused on optimizing the management of corporate events and offers integration with Blendr.Io and other industry-leading companies.

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