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Posted on 04/14/2020

Digital strategies for online events, with Chief Digital Strategist Miguel Neves

Miguel Neves

The way of holding events in the coming months will be totally different from what we knew so far today. Without digital strategies and an understanding of your audience, you will have a hard time getting people to participate in your online event.  

Miguel Neves, Chief Digital Strategist, experienced event professional, passionate social media advocate and member of MPI Board of Directors, shares his vision on how technology will influence relationship building with everything and everyone around us over the next months.

1. What does it mean to create engaging content and how to do it in a 100% online event?

Creating engaging content involves putting yourself in the shoes of the event participant and designing the delivery of information carefully in a way that aligns with what we know about learning.

The more engaging the content is delivered with some form of input from and between the participants, the more engaging the overall experience is. This applies both online and offline.

Online the commitment is lower, distractions are all around and no one has traveled to a venue and booked to a hotel. This means everything has to be extra engaging to involve people and prevent them to from looking at their emails or distracting their selves.

The experience should also be shorter, more condensed, and allow for breaks.

2. This COVID-19 pandemic we’re living has accelerated the digital transformation in all sectors. What are the risks for those who don’t adapt?

The risks are the same, but the consequences are more profound and accelerated. This is a forced digital transformation that is unfortunately destroying a lot of good business that cannot survive in a socially separated world.

Those who are able to adapt their business with digital strategies, offering will thrive, some are already beginning to do so. There are also risks in the transformation as we have to do it at a much accelerated pace. So often processes and concepts are not well thought out before jumping on tools. This is unfortunate, but unavoidable.

3. How does digital content strategies vary according to the distribution channels?

Quality content works across all channels, but you have to adapt it so that it matches the format and language of that channel. When a community enjoy consuming that content they will enjoy it in any relevant format or channel.

4. I believe both of us, as well as many of our readers, are getting dozens of invites for webinars and live sessions since March. How to stand out from the crowd in the middle of so much noise?

Good question. I encourage everyone to partner up with the most relevant people. Also, say no to some invitations. This is the only way to stay sane and focus on the events you commit to.

Also, trying to shout louder, send more emails or post more on social media will just annoy people.

Have an organic approach. Stay true to your values and share your knowledge openly and candidly. It’s the best option in the long run.

5. You’re a member of MPI Board of Directors, former IMEX Community Manager and one of the most respected event pros in the world. I’d like to hear from you: where is the events industry heading to? How do you see the future of corporate events?

This crisis is having a deep effect on many industries and in particular live events. I’m confident that the industry will bounce back strongly.

At the same time, we will definitely be more comfortable with virtual and online experiences, but I believe that this will also make us appreciate well produced live events even more than before.

I think event participants in the future will be more selective about which events to participate in, and some may remain as online meetings if they make more sense like.

Ultimately, the ones that deliver great value will be even more popular. This crisis will once again raise the bar and I look forward to that challenge.

Check out the latest projects Miguel Neves is working at the moment. You can find him on his official website,, and also on LinkedIn.

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