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Posted on September 20, 2018

Distributed commerce facilitates discovery, purchase, and sales of products and services through distributor partners. With E-Commerce, the practice has become more and more widespread and it is the way Eventbrite operates: by displaying events in the right places for the right people.

Eventbrite was launched in 2006 with the idea of democratizing a market that, according to its founders, Julia and Kevin Hartz, delivered high prices and a bad experience to consumers. It is a platform for event organization that focuses on buying and selling tickets. With offices in 10 countries and over 400 million tickets processed, it is favored by many organizers from small lectures to major music festivals.

With Eventbrite, you can create events, share them on social media, sell and buy tickets on both the website and the mobile app, track your sales, and receive payments online.

The company’s simpler package charges the event organizers a fee of 6.99% for each paid ticket. It also charges a buyers fee — a convenience fee calculated based on event types, ticket amounts, and contracted plans -, but the organizer can take payment by changing the account’s settings. Lastly, for free events, there are no fees are charged to the organizer by Eventbrite.


Main features for ticketing

-> Mobile: Available for iOS and Android, the Eventbrite application allows the event organizer to track data in real-time, namely the number of buyers and their check-ins.

-> Budget management: To help the organizer to manage their budget, Eventbrite provides a spreadsheet for controlling costs and revenues related to the tickets sales.

-> Partnerships: Eventbrite has developed partnerships to facilitate transactions for their users. Some of them are on Facebook and Instagram where it is possible to directly purchase tickets. The benefit of partnering with Facebook is that twice as many tickets end up being sold on the platform and 500,000 more events end up published on Facebook. And with Instagram, through the new “buy tickets” button, Eventbrite now has access to leads from the network’s 200 million daily users. The partnership with Spotify allows the promotion of concerts and festivals to more than 100 million users — with the ability to give suggestions of events according to preferences and notifications of tour dates.


Pros and Cons


• Whether it is for the event organizer or the ticket buyer, Eventbrite offers a self-service application. Thus, the user does not need to contact anyone to finish the purchase, while the organizer has full control of their event.

• It has a great diversity of events from conferences to concerts.

• It has a low cost — 6.99% fee for each ticket, which can be paid by credit card or PayPal. It is also free for events that do not charge entry.



• The search engine requires some improvements with regards to events surveyed by location. For example, when you search for events in a city, the results often cover the entire metropolitan area without giving specific details.

• The main disadvantage pointed out by users is Eventbrite’s technical support.


The Integration of InEvent with Eventbrite

The InEvent platform, which is focused on optimizing corporate event management, offers integration with leading companies in the industry. After an event organizer uses the entire ticket sales funnel through Eventbrite, when they integrate it with InEvent, all participants who have purchased a ticket will automatically be registered on the InEvent platform.

Therefore, it is possible to manage the information of each sold ticket. Information such as knowing who each ticket belongs to, the date of ticket purchase, quantity, emails, as well as synchronized editing (editing or deleting a participant’s data), and lastly, the creation of smart lists.

Check out some of the solutions that the InEvent platform provides to events organizers beyond ticket sales:

-> Cost control: the InEvent platform can aid in Cost Control of the entire event. In addition to ticketing, this is centralized and all spreadsheets can be loaded simultaneously to control the available budget. You can also extract the ROI from the event at the time of its end.

-> You can manage all approved suppliers, as well as current bids on a single screen. The platform provides tracking features of everything related to the event, including data from managers, participants, sponsors, exhibitors and any other interested parties.

-> With InEvent Hospitality, information on accommodation, location, and guest hours can be tracked. Flight information for participants includes schedules, arrivals, departures statuses. By centralizing all hospitality and personal information in the InEvent application, such as travel insurance, passport or special notes, the event management has full control over the participant’s experience.

-> Custom forms can be created with as many questions as possible, including yes/no answers, text answers, stars, multiple choice answers, or even attached files as an answer. This applies to both the registration and the research process.

-> Communication among event organizers and their target audiences is facilitated through the use of InEvent tools. You can create smart lists to follow-up on emails or on unverified guests, as well as seeing the click-through and bounce rates. Targeted email marketing campaigns can also be launched using this information from our platform.

-> The event agenda is made available to participants through the use of the event app. The organization can also access the schedules of all their events in one place.

-> Event statistics are also available in real time as soon as participants begin their registration. Information on printed badges, people at the event, and control over rooms, sessions, and booths can be established, along with updates of participants.

-> The InEvent support team is often praised by clients, whether it provides training before the event, teaching clients on how to use the platform, or during the event supporting their operation.

-> Through the InEvent Pass, the event accreditation is optimized with the use of QR Codes, both personal and non-transferable, that are generated for each participant.

To check the InEvent platform’s multiple success cases, click here.


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