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How Event Planners Can Leverage on Web Development.

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Posted on October 4, 2022

While looking at your web design, you may identify that there need to be several improvements while designing the website. It isn’t only about improving the site’s functionality to attract more visitors but also considering what will drive more sales. 

Furthermore, several factors impact a web design’s engagement level, but what are the most important ones? 

Let’s not waste any more time because, in this article, we will find out the top x web design improvements you can make to improve your customer engagement level. 

Why is increasing web engagement important? 

Before we go deeper into the article, we need to clarify a few important questions. Questions such as how much time visitors spend on your website? What type of pages are they checking out the most? Are you including the right call-to-action (CTA) to attract them? 

After you answer these questions, you’ll be able to clarify what types of improvements you need to bring to your business. Furthermore, you get a clear idea of how you need to measure your website engagement and the kind of metrics you need to use. 

By using the correct metrics for your website, you can entirely evaluate how your user’s experience. Nevertheless, here are a few business experiences that contribute to significant rises: 

  • Higher customer satisfaction: A well-designed site will fully engage visitors and encourage them to visit different pages, and boost their satisfaction levels. 
  • Increase sales conversions: Users will spend more time trying to make their site engaging and might make better first impressions. 
  • Website duration levels: When your site is appealing, it’s evident that users will spend much more time trying to visit your page.

9 Tips To Know: How Event Planners Can Take Help From Web Development

1. Include live chat 

What could frustrate your visitors the most once they visit your site? It’s most likely the fact that they won’t receive support right when they contact you. A long time for receiving a response isn’t healthy for your business, and it’s one of the critical reasons for a bad experience. 

In fact, according to a study that psychologists conducted, they claimed that most customers hate waiting for a response when they are looking to purchase something or research more about a product or service. 

However, there is good news: you can reduce this frustration by using live chat. It helps you engage with your visitors in real-time, and the second visitors land on your site. Nevertheless, there isn’t any better time for engaging customers in real-time. 

Furthermore, here are some ways how you can increase website engagement with live chat software

  • Live chat is significantly much faster than receiving a phone call or email
  • Live chat can increase website conversions by handling multiple queries simultaneously 
  • Having a live chat on the website boost the sales conversion rate 
  • It drives customer satisfaction and converts visitors into loyal customers that retain the brand’s reputation with positive statements 

2. Use order form templates 

Order form templates are an excellent way for adding products or services you are selling, adding coupon codes, adding your logo, integrating payment gateways, and more. There are many to use online; for instance, 123formbuilder form templates are highly-customizable and easy-to-use forms by your customers and place orders online for your products and services. 

Moreover, there are more than 80 templates to browse through and have a purpose for all of your needs. 

3. Increase blog commitment 

You may wonder how this can change your website’s design. Well, it does have a significant impact since commitment will make your site much more appealing. Your event marketing deserves a strong brand that knows what they are talking about and fulfills customer needs. 

You can sit down and try planning your year of content at once. Furthermore, try creating your customer connection through blog consistency and align them with your brand. 

4. Optimize your site’s loading speed

Especially if you run an eCommerce business, the last thing you want is someone to visit your site and have trouble with website loading speeds. Suppose visitors face slow loading speeds and will have to leave before you have a chance to make an excellent first impression. According to studies, There is a 32% increased chance of your customers going to your site whenever they have to wait for a place to load. Outsourcing web design can be a strategic move for event planners, enabling them to leverage professional expertise and achieve a more engaging and efficient online presence for their events.

So, what is the ideal loading speed time? Anything that takes longer than three seconds to load will be more likely to have you lose your visitors faster. This isn’t anything friendly to hear, so you should consider investing enough time and money into your website development to overcome these barriers. 

For instance, if your site holds intensive consuming graphics and photos, it may take longer than usual to load, and cleanly designed sites with minimal graphics will load much faster. The key takeaway here isn’t to eliminate all of your photos but to optimize them and use the correct design elements for doing so. Event planners can greatly benefit from seeking help from web development professionals, especially skilled website designers in Nottingham.

A significant number of ecommerce frontend stores rely heavily on images, resulting in slow loading speeds and website performance issues. You can consider throwing in a few graphical elements and creating a site that is pleasurable to surf through. Choosing a proper eCommerce hosting is another great solution for better website speed.

5. Clarity 

Clarity is a decisive factor when it comes to surfing a site. Nevertheless, it does improve with navigation tools, and although it’s an excellent way to improve your site, here are a few ways you can improve the clarity of your site: 

  • Drop-down menu: The drop-down menu reflects content that is segregated into different categories and makes the product or service much easier to search 
  • Breadcrumb: Helps users find their way home, and while visitors are clicking on new links, breadcrumb can ensure there are links back to the previous page

6. Include social proof 

Whenever you land on any site, the first thing you should look for is social proof. How important is social proof? If you take yourself as an example, you know for yourself that you will trust someone more. In fact, 83% of consumers claimed that they would be more comfortable purchasing from a site that has social proof. 

Social proof can be from reviews, testimonials, real-time statistics, and more. As a result, businesses can increase conversions by validating purchase decisions and incorporating them into their marketing strategy. This is a significant benefit in the long term. 

So, what are the key takeaways of social proof? 

  • Customer reviews can help buyers make better purchase decisions and develop long-term trust 
  • Social proof is an excellent value to add to your marketing strategy, especially in your web design 

7. Include compelling CTAs

Have you ever included CTAs that are inviting someone to take action? For example, CTAs such as “Subscribe now,” “Join us,” “Shop now,” and more. You don’t want to sound annoying, but you want to include a button that helps users take quick action. The last thing a visitor wants is to be confused about which page they need to visit to take action. 

Nobody likes to shop on a complex website but would love to follow the easy road to shopping much faster and getting on with their regular lives. 

8. Include a mission statement 

To make brands look much more appealing to potential visitors, you must make simple changes to your website. Some include displaying a short mission statement that clearly defines what your brand stands for. This will significantly help you gain new visitors and allow them to see what you have to offer clearly. 

9. Personalize communication 

Today’s customers expect businesses to understand their needs and provide relevant information based on products, services, and solutions. So instead, they would cut off business ties that don’t fulfill their communication needs in a peaceful and meaningful way. 

Moreover, companies are using communication to personalize experiences on their website, and here are a few ways they are doing so: 

  • Level of interactiveness: You can use interactive tools on your site to gain insights into your visitors. These insights will help you learn more about what your audience is interested in. 
  • Marketing automation: Marketing automation ensures that visitors see the correct type of content at the right time using powerful automation tools such as top AI bots and augmented reality (AR). 
  • Listen to your audience: You need to be able to determine objectives, the assets that need to be optimized to accomplish, and create content that resonates with your audience. 

Wrapping it all up 

That’s about it for this article. These are the top 9 web design improvements you can undertake for your website, and be sure that your website is a simple location visitors can gain helpful information. 

Nobody wants to buy from a complex site that takes forever to load, so it’s time to take suitable measures for the best of your website and business!

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