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Posted on 03/16/2023

How to use technology to enhance In-Person Events

In the age of technology, it’s easy to think that digital and virtual experiences automatically provide more engagement than in-person events. But with a bit of creativity and strategic thinking, utilizing tech can actually enhance physical gatherings in extremely compelling ways. 

Whether you’re planning a conference, seminar, or celebration, this blog post will provide guidance on how to use tech tools such as video projections, live streaming integrations, and interactive polls to connect with your event attendees like never before. 

Read on for useful tips about using technology to make your next in-person event one for the books!

Live-stream your event so people who can’t attend in person can still watch

For event planners, Technology can be an incredibly powerful tool to enhance in-person events. Not only can scheduled online content keep an audience connected and engaged before an event, but live streaming during the event can bring attendees who won’t even be there! 

The development of various services and technologies has always made life easier for us, for example, students turn to various companies for coursework help, and companies in turn, turn to AI technology, also with the aim of reducing the amount of time on a particular task and increasing efficiency.

Technologies are also a great way to create digital participation among audiences who are remote or cannot attend in person due to health restrictions.

Furthermore, businesses and organizations that host conferences or conventions stand to benefit greatly from large-scale integration of live streaming on the web, allowing influencers and other industry experts the chance to participate without needing to be physically present at the venue.

It’s a smart way for businesses and organizations to broaden their reach of impact and extend invitations beyond those who have access to travel or time off work.

Finally, through social media outlets such as Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Twitter, or Instagram stories—organizations have the opportunity to spread their message with creative content or real-time broadcasting that engages viewers from all over the world.

Use a social media to encourage audience participation

Social media can be a powerful tool to engage audiences in physical events and get more people interested. For example, you could write a post on your platform of choice teasing what will happen at the event, inviting followers to join the festivities.

Posting behind-the-scenes glimpses of preparations, or even having a contest to “write my speech for me” are great ways to create hype and offer something extra that those off-social channels can’t get. What’s more, by using hashtags and tagging relevant accounts, you’ll increase your reach far beyond your current followers – boosting attendance and driving greater participation from those in attendance!

Social media can help to:

  • Increase awareness of an event.
  • Generate interest in an event.
  • Promote an event.
  • Create a sense of community around an event.
  • Increase attendance at an event.

Use writing skills from AI that help effectively convey information to people

Writing skills developed by artificial technologies are becoming increasingly sophisticated, leading many to wonder how those same capabilities can be used in the realm of in-person events. 

By leveraging these advances in technical literacy, event organizers can create captivating presentations that help engage and inform their audience. Everyone involved benefits when these objectives are successfully achieved – guest speakers become better communicators, topics are discussed more thoroughly, and attendees get an extra boost of understanding and insight into the conversation at hand. 

Through a blend of human ingenuity and technical proficiency, we can now craft experiences that tap into both modern technologies as well as the timeless appeal of interpersonal relationships.

 In addition, AI and for all sorts of tasks such as ChatGPT: writing scripts, sitcom dialogues in the style of famous characters, interview questions, business letters and tech support appeals, and more. And there’s also AI for narrowly focused tasks, like creating written papers using the platform, they use checkers to detect errors and formatting tools to ensure document consistency. With powerful search engines and advanced editing capabilities, these technologies make writing more efficient than ever before.

By applying the right skills, incorporating accurate facts, and understanding audience interests, it’s possible to create content with artificial technology that is succinct, clear, and engaging.

Create a custom event app to provide additional information and resources

Hosting an in-person event can be difficult to manage. That is why having an app designed specifically for your event can be a great way to provide attendees with additional information and resources. 

A custom event app can include interactive features like pictures, messages, and useful information related to your event. Not only will it make it easier to keep track of all the details, but visitors may also feel more involved and engaged throughout their experience. Furthermore, you can use the app to collect feedback from attendees in real-time—which helps you understand how people felt about your event before they even leave. With a custom event app, you can ensure that your event runs smoothly while making the best use of modern technology.

Record the event so people can watch it later

Not only does capturing an event allow it to reach a much wider audience than could attend in person, but it also enables greater replay and review which makes people more informed of the event overall. 

By empowering people with on-demand access to events they can relive moments they enjoyed and share them with their network creating a greater sense of community amongst like-minded individuals. 

Recording events adds value and gives them lasting power beyond the passing of time; thereby enhancing in-person events for everyone involved.

Use technology to collect feedback from attendees after the event is over

Collecting feedback from event attendees after it is over is an invaluable tool in improving the way events are designed for maximum success. Whereas traditionally this kind of feedback was collected manually, today there are multiple ways to gather and analyze data in real-time using technology. 

By leveraging modern technologies such as surveys, web forms, and electronic questionnaires, event hosts can gain insights into various aspects of the event experience that can be used to create better events—from layout design and food quality to marketing strategies and interactive elements. Technology enables faster responses from customers, more accurate analytics, and detailed information behind each individual responsible for a more accurate picture of the overall sentiment about the event. Crucially, it allows those running the event to understand what works and what needs improvement further down the line.

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