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Posted on October 30, 2018

Offering a platform that attends to the entire event cycle while maintaining a seamless and integrated experience for the users has always been one of the InEvent Design team’s motivations. Each company has a flow model, which requires different data sets, which works with varying profiles of customer and customization requirements to satisfy all the limitations imposed by each brand’s style guide. Furthermore, there are many requirements and expectations involved in the accreditation proposal. That’s it! We have a challenge.



The context

InEvent is a premium event platform that suits the needs of all event cycles. Fulfilling this purpose requires investment in crucial steps within both the management cycle and the interaction of events. Moreover, that is exactly how we started the design of an accreditation and check-in system that offered the standard experience and performance proposed by our platform from the participants’ interactions to the compliance of the generated information already available in the system. Thus, we needed to map out the problems involved in the process and how people interact with systems nowadays, both in an analogical way and in competing for digital platforms. The list is vast, but for this text, we will focus on some issues that we seek to solve


• Integration with the rest of the platform

• Information security

• Different requirements and flows for each company

• A dependency of specific hardware

• Compatibility with the QR Code used by the platform

• Available Internet



With the goal of mapping the main profiles interacting with the platform, we take into account several characteristics such as motivations, challenges, knowledge, concerns, etc., with a perspective that involves event organizers’ needs. It is also important to think of the possible types of corporate events and the personas for each event type. Afterward, define the profiles we concluded. Our project further takes into account the following points:

• A profile with low technological knowledge

• Resistance to reading on-screen instructions

• The choices of colors and images that impair the interface usability

• Lack of familiarity with the correct use of QR code

• The time used for each stage.



A new solution is only successful if it solves a problem. With this in mind, we defined the main flows that we were going to attend, focusing on expectations and problem-solving.



Reading QR Codes for check-in: For the user who has already registered and needs to check-in in a fast and straightforward way. Reading the code can be done through the application, email or print.

Search for registration: It allows to find registrations through a search system that can vary according to the key — unique data linked with the registered participant — defined by the organization.

Registration of new participants: Allows the complete registration of a participant based on requested information by the event organizers.

Settings: A screen for event organizers and InEvent support teams by which it is possible to perform bulk actions, backups and setting limitations for each device.


• Clear descriptions

• Animated instructions exemplifying the execution of the actions

• Graphical representations that help to identify options

• Flexible elements for customizations

• InEvent standard typography and iconography


Finding real problems, which have a negative impact on users, and defining which points worth the team investment, demands much more time and effort than drawing the screens. After many discussions and alignments with our product team, surveys and benchmarks, we have come up with a clear definition of what our system would be. We got to know which are the system strengths and how they have added value to the experience offered by the platform.

We have been able to offer a robust platform that is used by several companies such as XP Investments, Apex-Brasil and Santander, which allows check-ins in less than 5 seconds.


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