InEvent launches EventMarket to connect advanced certified event services providers worldwide

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Posted on June 10, 2021

InEvent launched EventMarket today – the integrated trusted partners marketplace.

The EventMarket is the platform solution to connect certified professional services providers with corporate users aiming to explore the platform’s advanced feature sets and other events-related services.

EventMarket is a bridge uniting well-established professionals in the virtual and hybrid events industry. Companies listed on InEvent’s EventMarket are certified professional services providers working directly into the platform capabilities, simplifying, accelerating, and maximizing the use of all digital and in-person events resources. 

According to Pedro Góes, InEvent’s CEO: “Our platform has always strived to be a truly all-in-one technology. With EventMarket, our clients can also connect with trusted partners and leverage their experience with InEvent technologies,  taking the platform experience to a whole new level. Our partners can provide local support with events planning, production, hardware, audio and video studios, virtual reality, event marketing, and more.”

The EventMarket marketplace is easily accessed within the platform to facilitate a seamless connection between event specialized services and corporate events teams wherever they are, helping to improve virtual events outcomes and increase value for InEvent clients.

“Our overarching goal is to make support not only effortless but also available how and where clients want it – within the platform. Our partners are contextually aware of the event business needs. More importantly, we see a growing number of corporations that want to improve virtual event’s operational reliability and efficiency with flawless execution. Hiring specialized certified support listed in our marketplace is the best way to achieve this goal.” said Vinicius Neris, Chief Revenue Officer. 

At launch, InEvent EventMarket features dozens of certified services providers from across the globe, with more to come. InEvent platform users can easily contact partners to add services listed, including event production, backend support, live streaming, API, CSS, 3D layout, video recording, registration management, hardware rental, audio and video studio, interpretation service, and more.

Virtual technology users may need different levels of support, and they increasingly are expecting to access prompt, experienced, and qualified support without leaving the application. This kind of in-context support helps reduce disruptions and costly downtime and improve efficiency while providing a much more intuitive and streamlined support experience.

About InEvent

InEvent is a virtual and hybrid event platform based in Atlanta, USA. InEvent transforms enterprise events with digital technology. Its end-to-end premium solutions simplify training, event, travel, and community management. Each step of a corporate events experience is powered by web, mobile, and APIs that connect stakeholders in a secure, automated, and personalized platform.

With worldwide offices, InEvent helps companies see the power of events, one of the world’s fastest-growing industries, and enables them to manage their compliance, create award-winning solutions and boost their engagement at events. It has successfully improved more than 6,000 events/year with over 500 clients, collecting more than +60 million streaming minutes in 2020 alone.

InEvent offers 24h support, branded scalable platform, transparent pricing, and feature-rich customizable tools.

For more information, visit https://inevent.com or contact: marketing@inevent.com

EventMarket: connecting event services

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