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InEvent led accreditation, data collection and engagement solutions to Coca-Cola’s event in India

Posted on 09/21/2018

Coca-Cola is an American company established in 1886 that manufactures and markets non-alcoholic beverages with more than 500 varying brands across 200 countries.

In 2017 the headquarters of Coca-Cola in India promoted the event “One System Conference 2017”, aiming to improve the unity and development of more than 350 participants at the conference, of which about 250 were Coca-Cola’s franchisees. The event challenges, which was aided by InEvent solutions, were to promote innovation, automating all the management processes, and providing an application with good usability for the event’s participants.


It was great to work together with the InEvent team! The whole experience was great, including coming down here (to India) and helping us out with everything. Everything that we needed was built, including customizations and new features for our conference. Koteshwar Lankadasu — Director — Operations and Marketing, Coca-Cola India

The solutions that InEvent brought to Coca-Cola India were, through a customized mobile platform, RSVP notifications, accreditation facilities, and the collection of 33,696 data in real time. Coca-Cola’s director showed InEvent’s technology on screens and reported on which booths were the most visited. Engagement also been improved with 948 messages exchanged among participants.

To check the complete case study click here.



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