InEvent takes on solutions for small corporate events

InEvent takes on solutions for small corporate events

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Posted on October 5, 2018

InEvent presents solutions for different types of corporate events, from small, medium to large. Each event demands a different and personalized solution to ensure its success, which is why we believe that having a close dialogue with the event organizers is so important to identifying the best solutions for each company. For small events, with up to 200 attendees, some features stand out.

InEvent took some of its solutions to the New Generation Broker event, held by SulAmérica Group, the largest independent insurer in Brazil. The 2018 event edition had about 40 attendees and trained SulAmerica brokers’ children aiming to strengthen the relationship with possible future brokers.

The solutions presented in the New Generation Broker event were:

  • Multiple meetings on a single platform: a tool for scheduling meetings among attendees, making it possible to use edits, check-ins, and reschedulings.
  • Push notifications: sending information via the mobile app allows the event organization to communicate in real time with all of their event attendees as well as communication with specific sub-groups during the event.
  • App interactions: other interactions were possible through the event App, facilitating engagement and networking. The contact list of attendees is also made available, allowing them to communicate with one another so networking is not restricted to communication only during the coffee break.

In addition to those used by SulAmérica Group, InEvent has other solutions for small events:

  • Registration FormsForms can be created on the InEvent platform for various purposes, including the registration of event attendees. The forms visual appearance, as well as its questions and custom fields, can be customized accordingly to the need of each event.
  • Satisfaction research: conducting research with attendees, which can be done at the end of each activity and/or at the end of the event. The answers can be in the appearance of numeric (between 0 and 5) ratings, yes/no, text or a combination of these options.
  • Real-time data: Collecting the event data grants access to important statistics that will help to analyze what is happening in real time. Additionally these reports that can be generated to aid in future events.

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