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Posted on October 3, 2019

Great News: Now you can test InEvent’s platform for free! On this plan, event planners can enjoy the basic functions for a great event management moved by digital transformation.

The Trial plan is designed for anyone who wants to experience the power of digital transformation in event management. This is the greatest opportunity to learn more about InEvent solutions. Thus, the meeting planner can create an event from scratch; add company participants to manage the platform; trigger outreach emails and even a custom mobile app.

Also, on Trial, you’ll have email support with our Customer Success team.

Learn more about what you will get with Trial:

Create a website in a few minutes

With InEvent, building a website doesn’t have to be a headache. If you don’t know much about computer programming and want to create a beautiful website for your event intuitively, our test plan can help you!

Build your site from scratch with our drag-and-drop template options. So, you can disclose key information about your event, such as schedule, speakers, sponsors and more. Learn more how easy it is.

Create a digital registration form

Leave paper lists and complex spreadsheets for good! With InEvent platform, you can create a fully digital presence form quickly, easily and intuitively. It is the masterpiece for event management!

This way you can manage the attendees and guests who will be at your event. Learn more about how the people list works.

Manage digital RSVP

You don’t need to work on chasing attendance confirmations at your event anymore. Just send an RSVP form (réspodez, si vous plaît) for all your guests!

Anyone who has confirmed or denied to your event will automatically appear to you on the platform. Learn more.

Create your communication mailing

You need to create a perfect concept for your event. Without marketing, it is just not possible. To quickly communicate with guests and potential customers you want to capture at your event, count on the InEvent platform! Here’s how easy it is. Now, you can improve your event management!

Those who join Trial can send emails to guests and targeted communication lists to those who have already confirmed their presence. Communicate with your audience using our built-in content and message delivery tools. Also, count on a follow-up tool for those emails that were not opened or guests who did not confirm their presence.

Have a mobile app for your event

We leave the best for last: in the Trial plan, you can have the advantages of an event app for your event! Learn more here.

In this event mobile app, you can enter data that each participant needs to get the most out of the event: schedule information, subscriptions, a news feed, and other features are available for you to test. Enjoy!

Here’s how easy it is to create an event on the Trial plan:

Learn more about InEvent plans here.


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