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Posted on November 7, 2022

InEvent takes its organizational culture seriously, but one particularly stands out: diversity and inclusion. Nothing speaks to the company’s aggressive pursuit of inclusion more than the number of countries from which it recruits its workforce. Currently, InEvent’s team members come from thirteen countries and speak twenty-seven languages! To further deepen inclusion, InEvent is lending its voice and resources to neurodiversity and neuroinclusion, throwing its huge weight behind the Neu Project.

What are Neurodiversity and Neuroinclusion?

Neurodiversity is the term given to the individual differences in brain activity and behavioral traits thought to be a normal part of human population variation. Neurodiversity recognizes two brain variations: Neurotypical and Neurodivergent.

Neurotypical refers to people whose brains function typically, while neurodivergent refers to people neurologically different from typical brain functions as we know them. A person might be neurodivergent with or without other mental health issues; being neurodivergent is not a mental disorder or disease. It can occasionally be a condition that develops during pregnancy before birth. Sometimes it can emerge as a result of brain-altering events like trauma. A neurodivergent individual will always be that way. Some examples of neurodivergence include autism, epilepsy, ADHD, dyslexia, hyperlexia, OCD, and Tourette Syndrome. 

Neuroinclusion is the idea of including people with neurological differences in all aspects of society. This can be done through accommodation, education, and awareness. Neuroinclusion is about recognizing neurodiversity and working to make the world more welcoming and productive for all neuro types. 

Why InEvent is embracing Neurodiversity and Neuroinclusion

InEvent’s learning culture makes the company flexible to new knowledge. We constantly look for new ways to improve our software solutions and processes. InEvent has realized how neurodivergent people are underrepresented and given little attention, mainly by the neurotypical population, which forms the society’s majority. This underrepresentation is mostly from a place of inadequate knowledge about the peculiarities of neurodivergence. As a company whose growth over the years has been buoyed by its diverse team, InEvent recognizes that inclusion creates a sense of belonging and boosts engagement, value, and outcomes. These benefits of inclusion hold for both neurotypical and neurodivergent people, justifying InEvent’s recognition of neurodiversity and push for neuroinclusion.

How InEvent supports neuroinclusion

InEvent supports neuroinclusion by making accommodations for people with neurological differences and providing education to appreciate neurodivergence. As an event software company, InEvent solutions are accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities. InEvent’s software is designed with ease of navigation, regardless of a person’s abilities. In addition to making its software accessible, InEvent provides training and support to ensure everyone can use its platform to maximum benefit. The company’s commitment to neuroinclusion in all of its forms makes it a leader in the industry. 

Regardless of their neurological differences, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to participate in events and enjoy them. We strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all attendees, and we work hard to ensure our events are accessible to everyone. Our team is knowledgeable about neurodiversity and is always happy to help accommodate special-needs attendees. We believe neurodiversity is a strength, and we are committed to creating an inclusive society that celebrates all forms of neurological difference. 

Some areas to give attention to in our neuroinclusion journey

InEvent is entirely in support of the Neu Project, and we will, from now on, stay on the lookout to deepen new practices that will help the neuroinclusion cause.

Avoiding stereotypes

We avoid common stereotypes, misconceptions, and biases about neurodivergent people, knowing that no two neurodivergent experiences are the same. For example, not all autistic people are overly analytic and introverted. Like neurotypical people, there are introverted and extroverted autistic people.

Helping neurodivergent people unmask

Neurodivergent people often mask their true selves to fit into society’s expectations. With our understanding of their peculiarities, we will build a workspace and event space that encourages them to be authentic, knowing they will neither be condemned nor judged. 

Advising clients on how to prepare their events to accommodate neuroinclusion

For neurodivergent people, sensory overwhelm is a thing. And it makes them opt out of an event even after having booked to attend. Understanding their peculiarities means making provision for cancellation even in the eleventh hour. InEvent will engage clients and partners to consider particular issues around neurodivergent people concerning events cancellation policy. Let neurodivergent people be able to cancel at any time and get a full or partial refund or credit for a future event. Let them also be able to switch to virtual attendance when in-person becomes too sensorily sensitive.

Part of accommodating neurodivergent people also stretches to the event venue and how it is set up. Color and lighting should be non-stimulating to avoid sensory overwhelm and hyperactivity. InEvent commits to communicating with partners and clients on the importance of creating a healthy and accommodating space for neurodivergent people in all in-person events.    


Due to sensory aversion and potential allergies, food can be challenging for neurodivergent people. While most event professionals already offer special meals that align with dietary preferences and restrictions, this needs to be expanded to include food that fits neurodivergent needs. We will, from time to time, communicate these to clients and partners. 


The InEvent platform is designed to help event organizers receive feedback from attendees. With our feedback feature, neurodiverse people can suggest improvement areas that cater to their special needs. This way, they help shape future events.

We will keep learning and adding to the list of improvements to accommodate neurodiverse people.  


InEvent has renewed its commitment to diversity with a particular interest in neuroinclusion. Our in-person events will, as we advance, consider the needs of neurodivergent people. We acknowledge this is a journey, and are ready to embark on it. InEvent will begin gradually to learn and apply efforts in addressing all areas of special neurological needs in our events. We will be culturally sensitive in language and actions and urge our stakeholders and partners to adjust their processes and plans to accommodate everyone. We are part of the Neu Project, working together to make the world more welcoming and productive for all neuro types. 

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