7 best multistreaming platforms to use in 2024

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Posted on June 21, 2022

Video content has become a big deal these days. And if you are in the business of creating them, you want to reach as many audiences as possible. To do that, you want to consider multistreaming.

What is multistreaming

We will explain multistreaming briefly, but first, let’s deal with streaming. Streaming is to transport video over the internet. Multi-streaming simultaneously transports video to multiple outlets or platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, LinkedIn, etc. You can stream to as many locations as you like with the right tools. 

Years ago, multistreaming was cumbersome and expensive. You would have to connect the different devices in front of you to stream to various platforms. But like every other technological innovation, it has become less complicated with time, and even cheaper. You no longer need multiple devices to multistream. You only need one platform that streams your video to numerous outlets.

How Does Multistreaming Work?

Multistreaming is the process of recording a video and broadcasting it over numerous platforms. You won’t need to film the video five times to broadcast on five distinct sources. You have to do it once, and you may broadcast to as many venues as you like. Multistreaming operates in this manner. But we’ll delve a little deeper.

You’ll need both hardware and software to multistream. If you’re doing basic streaming, your PC and a free program like OBS will suffice. However, if you’re planning a large-scale video production with extra features and functions like titles, smooth transitions, and various audio and video sources, you’ll need to invest in specific streaming gear and software. Even if you continue with your computer, it must be in good working order.

Benefits of Multistreaming

We have already mentioned increasing your audience is the most obvious benefit derivable from multistreaming, yet there are others which follow below:

  1. It helps you obtain fresh insights: Because you stream to multiple platforms, it can help you see where your audience congregates the most, as well as which platform they engage most. This insight is made clearer as you compare one platform to another.
  2. It helps new audiences discover you: As you stream to more platforms, you get discovered by more people. This way, you continue to grow you audiences.
  3. It helps you meet audiences where they are: Rather than try to pull audiences from their comfortable platform to where you prefer them to be, multistreaming helps you meet them where they already are. This way you expose your content to more people and make it easy for them to follow your brand.
  4. It helps you build a diverse audience: Because you are streaming to different platforms with different demographics, you get connected with diverse audiences.

What to look for in a multistreaming platform?

Your business or usage scenario may dictate which features you prioritize and seek from your chosen platform. If you’re streaming a seminar or a business event, having the ability to stream straight to your website, as well as heatmaps and extensive statistics, may help you better understand your audience’s demographics and location.

Multistreaming is a feature that may be accessed through various streaming applications. Some are solely dedicated to multistreaming, while others feature it as a backup option.

Even if you’re not a significant business performing multi-camera streaming, the ability to broadcast straight to your website alleviates some of the burdens. Because, let’s face it, some of the remarks and links brought in by Twitch chat might quickly get you banned if you click out of curiosity. That’s the end of your live-streaming money.

What is the best multistreaming platform?

It is essential to have a reliable platform that supports multistreaming. Multistreaming is a feature that may be accessed through various streaming applications. Some are solely dedicated to multistreaming, while others feature it as a backup option.

Below is a comparison of five of the best multistreaming platforms on the market based on features and price.

1. Streamyard

 Streamyard is a popular multistreaming platform because of its simplicity. Most people just starting live streaming find it relatively easy to use. Most users are impressed with Streamyard’s customizable features. 

The other good thing about Streamyard is that the comments from all the different platforms where the video is streamed drop on Streamyard so that you can see all the words in one place.

Key features

  • It supports multistreaming.
  • Live streaming in-browser
  • Multi-presenter system
  • Screen sharing
  • Cinematic tools for video editing

2. Restream

Like Streamyard, Restream is another popular multistreaming software, but unlike Streamyard, it is a bit more complicated. With Restream, you can stream to dozens of platforms. 

Restream allows you to customize live streaming with your company logo, backgrounds, and overlays. You can also add important messages you want to communicate to your audiences, such as a call to action. 

Also exciting is Restream’s live studio, which can accommodate up to 10 guests for a video recording. 

Key Features:

  • Multistreaming
  • Analytics tool
  • In-browser live streaming
  • More than 30 destinations

3. Switchboard Live

StreamShare is one of Switchboard Live’s unique features. With this tool, broadcasters can schedule live stream events in advance and invite participants to streamline the process. Thus, when you start your multistream, your audience will already be on hand and ready to watch.

Switchboard Live is a robust multistreaming platform dedicated solely to multi-destination streaming. This platform allows users to simultaneously broadcast to Facebook, Twitch, Vimeo, YouTube, LinkedIn Live, and Twitter. The service supports streaming to an unlimited number of destinations.  

Key Features:

  • Streaming to an unlimited number of destinations
  • Diverse solutions for different industries and use cases
  • StreamShare for streamlining event planning
  • Streams to top social destinations
  • Video player embedding

4. Wirecast

Telestream’s Wirecast is a multistream encoding program. Multistreaming, on the other hand, is only the beginning. This platform has a slew of tools that let you broadcast like a pro. Graphic overlays, audio mixing, stream recording, and various other features are available.

Wirecast also allows for an unlimited number of inputs, allowing numerous sources to be combined.

Key Features:

  • Multistreaming
  • Encoding tools
  • Compatible with both Mac and Windows
  • Unlimited inputs 
  • Unlimited outputs
  • Editing tools
  • Support via email

5. Flutin

Flutin isthe best live streaming site that is equipped with a host of useful streaming features dedicated to make the live streaming experience a seamless one. It is increasingly becoming streamers’ go-to streaming platform for its ease of use, monetization methods, and a range of features that make live streaming a fun and engaging matter.

The major catch about Flutin is that it lets its users multistream to various platforms at the same time including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram live stream, LinkedIn, Twitter and more. The chats from all these platforms are also displayed at a single space via the multichat feature.

Key Features

  • Multistreaming to all the major streaming platforms.
  • Chat highlighting to let viewers know of the chat being responded to.
  • Various customization options such as logo, video captions, tickers, etc.
  • Screen share feature to invite guests.
  • Monetization via ticket sales, donations, paid requests, etc.
  • Web-embedding widget.
  • Opening of sub-accounts under a primary account.
  • Scheduled as well as pre-recorded streaming.

6. OneStream Live

Live is an exceptional cloud-based live streaming solution that enables you to effortlessly multistream pre-recorded videos or stream in real-time to over 45+ social platforms and the web simultaneously. With its comprehensive range of products, including Pre-recorded streaming, External RTMP Streaming, OneStream Live Studio, and Hosted Live Pages, it caters to diverse streaming needs.

OneStream Live stands out for its user-friendly interface, ensuring a seamless experience for users. It effectively mitigates technical hurdles, guaranteeing a hassle-free streaming process. Moreover, its dedicated 24/7 customer support ensures that assistance is readily available whenever you need it.

Key Features:

·        Multistream your videos to over 45+ social platforms and the web simultaneously.

·        Monitor and reply to the chat from a single touchpoint with Unified Chat

·        Create a playlist of multiple videos for live streaming

·        Embed the ongoing live streams and the chat anywhere

·        Schedule unlimited videos at the same time

7. Watchity

In today’s dynamic world of social video, Watchity excels in enabling a greater presence of your events in social media, allowing you to effortlessly extend your content’s reach across multiple platforms. Emphasizing simplicity and reach, it empowers creators to engage with diverse audiences and share their content seamlessly. Whether you’re a content creator, marketer, or simply someone looking to share their message, the platform provides the tools needed to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of social video effectively.

  • TV-Like production studio to create professional-looking live content by yourself.
  • Multistreaming to an unlimited number of social media platforms simultaneously with one click.
  • Multi format RTMP, that allows you to adapt the content format to each destination.
  • Real-time clipping of videos from the live feed and immediate sharing on social media networks.
  • Optimize your content sharing across various social media channels, making interaction and sharing easier than ever.

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Essential hardware for multistreaming

1. Desktop

Your desktop is your first hardware device for multistreaming, especially if you are starting new or if your streaming needs are just basic or intermediate. But it’s worth noting that more streaming outlets require more processing power and upload speed.

Each extra streaming outlet consumes more bandwidth and CPU. This usually causes prolonged latency and dropped frames.

2. Phones and other mobile devices

For basic multistreaming, high-end phones and other mobile devices can be used. Some multistreaming software is designed for use with mobile apps. 

3. Pearl-2 and Pearl Mini encoders

These devices are powerful for multistreaming and can record up to six video and two audio sources for your stream, leaving you with beautiful video outputs for your audiences. In setting up Pearl encoders, you will configure each stream individually, using RTMP and stream critical values from the outlet.

Cloud-based Multistreaming

Another multistreaming option is the one that uses cloud-based services. Here, the service provider, such as Switchboard Live, takes your live video and shares it to the platforms of your choice. The benefit with cloud-based multistreaming is that it lifts the load off of the streaming hardware, such that space is conserved in terms of both bandwidth and CPU. This means you must not necessarily use a high-end computer and even super fast internet connection to have a great video quality on all the platforms you stream to.  Additionally, cloud storage ensures that your live videos are securely stored and easily accessible for future use.

Is it worth streaming to multiple platforms?

Multi-streaming is well worth the effort. Multi-streaming is an excellent method to broaden your reach across numerous live streaming platforms and boost your chances of being noticed each time you go live.


Now that you know how to multistream, remember that you are the one to decide the outlets to which you will stream. Depending on your audience assessment, you can focus on one outlet or still share it with other outlets. Or you stream and remain silent on the particular outlet, bearing in mind that you accord equal significance to all the outlets. 

You can also download your streaming video and share it on other platforms that your multistreaming technology does not cover, such as WhatsApp, Spotify, Apple, etc. 

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