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Live vs In-Person Events: 7 Main Differences to Consider in 2023

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If there’s one industry out there that the pandemic has changed forever, it’s the event industry. Lockdowns made in-person...

How to Get Clients For Your Event Planning Business

Views: 14451

The event planning industry was worth over $4 billion in 2022 and starting a business in this sector can be both exciting and...

6 Tips for Event Staff Hiring in 2024

Views: 7035

The world has opened up, and live events have made a much-welcomed return. Whether this is the first time you are planning an...

How to Design Your Next Event Email Campaign 

Views: 6034

Email campaigns are an effective method in event marketing. Whether you’re looking to increase ticket sales, or create...

5 Event Copywriting Tips to Boost Event Visibility

Views: 7227

Are you hosting an event but are struggling to get the word out? You’re not alone. With so many events happening daily, it’s...

Celebrating Black History Month: Q & A With iVoiceAfrica

Views: 4931

Every year since February 1969, when Black History Month was conceptualized, African and African Americans all over the world...

10 Tips for More Effective Corporate Event Management

Views: 7567

Corporate events are often perceived to be bland and somewhat lackluster. But the truth is, such professional events can be...

12 Reasons To Use Event Platforms For In-Person Events

Views: 5856

Virtual and in-person events need a wholly contrastive setup, and you should be aware of this as an event planner. But before you...

6 Tips on How to Create an In-Person Event Proposal That Wins Clients

Views: 5501

If you’re looking to win clients and land event planning gigs, it’s crucial to have a solid in-person event...

How to Run an Effective Event PR Campaign to Promote Your Next Event

Views: 6463

Running a successful public relations campaign can help boost the number of your event’s attendees. If many people attend your...

Must-Have Tools for In-Person Events in 2023

Views: 6271

There is a motive behind hosting any event. Be it a corporate event or a product launch. Every business has some set goals and...

6 Instagram Story Ideas You Can Use to Promote Your Next In-Person Event

Views: 10903

Instagram stories are an effective way to share content and boost audience engagement. They play a significant role in a social...

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