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Top 7 Event Marketing Ideas & Strategies

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An event can’t sell itself, no matter how much you’ve prepared for it. Without a solid event marketing strategy, chances are...

6 Tips To Help You Create An Effective Webinar Script

Views: 7204

Webinars are an essential aspect of modern businesses’ marketing, sales, and customer retention efforts. A successful online...

7 Ways For Nonprofits to Market Virtual Fundraising Event 

Views: 5704

Following the pandemic, the speed of virtual fundraising events accelerated due to social isolation and stay-at-home orders. Many...

5 Effective Ways to Track Event Marketing Performance

Views: 6483

With over 33 thousand conferences, business meetings, and tradeshows held annually, the United States is the world’s most...

6 Tips for Writing Perfect Live Event Script

Views: 13270

Do you have an important event coming up for which you need to prepare carefully? Don’t worry, it’s not as difficult...

7 Timeless Office Christmas Party Ideas

Views: 7063

The Holidays are upon us again; it is that time of the year when snowflakes engulf the streets; Christmas wreaths hang on doors;...

Guidance for Securing Video Conferencing in 2024

Views: 8748

During the time period covered by Covid-19, video conferencing became more commonplace. Every institution, from universities to...

10 Best Live Streaming Encoders in 2023

Views: 6498

Streaming encoders are essential to live streaming. They help bring the best quality audio and video experience to your audience...

10 Fun Thanksgiving Team Building Activities for Remote and in-person Offices

Views: 7946

Thanksgiving embodies the spirit of togetherness and gratitude, which apply to the work environment. It’s also exciting to...

Post-Pandemic Meetings: 6 Must-Haves for Your In-Person Events

Views: 5251

After stressful lockdowns, failed business plans, and endless video conferencing, it seems like the world of business is going...

InEvent’s Push for Neurodiversity

Views: 5353

InEvent takes its organizational culture seriously, but one particularly stands out: diversity and inclusion. Nothing speaks to...

How to Use In-Person Events to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

Views: 8217

Building your very own tight-knit community is every entrepreneur’s dream.  After all, when you have a pool of people...

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