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InEvent’s Push for Neurodiversity

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InEvent takes its organizational culture seriously, but one particularly stands out: diversity and inclusion. Nothing speaks to...

How to Use In-Person Events to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

Views: 8008

Building your very own tight-knit community is every entrepreneur’s dream.  After all, when you have a pool of people...

10 Common Hybrid Event Mistakes You Need to Avoid in 2022

Views: 5605

Two years on it is not necessarily something a lot of us like to bring up, but the pandemic hitting in 2020 certainly did alter...

Understanding Video Aspect Ratios

Views: 14412

Video Aspect ratios are essential in any video content. The video aspect ratio determines the experience your viewers can have...

16 Networking Event Ideas to Improve Your Future Events

Views: 9532

Are you looking for some new networking event ideas? Maybe your previous events haven’t been as successful as you’d...

The Top Five Event Planner Marketing Strategies for Massive Success

Views: 8100

As an event planner, you know marketing is essential to your success. Without a strong marketing strategy, you will struggle to...

How to record a livestream session

Views: 6572

Knowing how to record a Livestream or choosing the right streaming platform has become an integral part of lead conversion in the...

How Event Planners Can Leverage on Web Development.

Views: 6867

While looking at your web design, you may identify that there need to be several improvements while designing the website. It...

6 Ways of keeping your audience engaged after hosting a webinar

Views: 6157

Hosting a webinar is a great way to connect with your audience and share valuable information with them. You can also use it to...

10 Best practices for fun, useful & profitable webinars

Views: 6074

Webinars are powerful marketing tool. It allows you to connect with your audience, share knowledge and sell products efficiently...

7 Online Tools to Plan Your Next Hybrid Corporate Event in 2022

Views: 6339

The pandemic made businesses rethink their corporate events and shift towards digitalizing them. Digital and hybrid events became...

The Benefits of Transcription Software for Video Conferences and Webinars

Views: 5995

Accessibility is an important part of any media you put online or give to those who will benefit from it. When it comes to video...

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