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Event Management Companies

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The term seems pretty broad when thinking about event management and might leave you confused. Here we unpack what event...

What jazz and incredible events have in common featuring META’s JB

Views: 3931

In our first instalment of EventLand‘s season 2 podcast series, we zoom in on event technology in 2022.   ...

Podcasts for event professionals

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What many consider to be relaxing and entertaining, is on the other side of a very stressful industry: event planning and...

2022’s best platforms for workplace

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Since work, as we know it, has evolved tremendously over the past few years, new technologies for the workplace have jumped in to...

A Seamless Attendee Journey for Hybrid Events [Infographic]

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Discover how to build a seamless attendee journey for hybrid events, from event registration, to live engagement, to post-event...

How to create profitable sponsorship packages for virtual events

Views: 9739

Sponsorship packages are a powerful way to attract sponsors to your event. Discover their unique benefits, the different types of...

6 Types of B2B Videos to Boost Your Marketing Strategy

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Discover the six most popular B2B video types to boost your marketing. Let us start with a fact that you might already know. B2B...

InEvent Makes Its Mark in G2 Winter Report

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InEvent is pleased to announce that it has been recognized with two new badges in the 2022 G2 Winter Report.  G2, a leading...

Tips to Build an Effective Content Strategy for Your Event Marketing

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Learn the top tips to build a successful content strategy for your next event. When planning an event, most event managers focus...

Webinars – Meaning and everything you should know about webinars in 2022

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Webinars are effective tools for brand awareness, educational purposes, and a means to reach a wider range of audiences. In fact,...

Future of work: trends that will shape the workplace in 2022

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The future of work has become a force most companies will deal with in 2022. Learn about the trends and technologies shaping the...

How to avoid Zoom fatigue in 2022

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Did you ever shut down your laptop at the end of the day and feel completely drained of your energy? Or perhaps after having a...

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