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Accessible virtual events: best practices you can implement now

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Find out the best practices to plan accessible and inclusive virtual events...

How to build a captivating sponsorship proposal for virtual and hybrid events

Views: 19037

Find out how to create a sponsorship proposal that captivates sponsors to support virtual and hybrid events. ...

Eventland, the all-new global community for event professionals

Views: 8713

Eventland is a new community of creative, supportive, and outstanding event profs from all over the globe....

How the education sector is leveraging the power of virtual

Views: 11635

The COVID-19 pandemic upended the education sector, but institutions admirably adapted to these new virtual times. The COVID-19...

10 Trend Reports for 2022 that every marketer needs to see

Views: 10627

We gathered the best trend reports for every marketer to be prepared for 2022. Thinking of a strategy to survive in the market,...

Culture for event professionals: the best movies, documentaries, and books

Views: 10021

As event professionals, being steeped in culture is a great way to find inspiration, entertainment, and motivation. Just like for...

3 key takeaways from InEvent Kick-off 2022

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InEvent Kick-off 2021 was InEvent´s first event of the year, bringing together top marketing, tech, and event professionals to...

Corporate Event Trends for 2022 [and what you need to do about them]

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Our much expected report Corporate Event Trends for 2021 is out! Constant changes, demand for advanced and adaptable...

The 13 most compelling questions for post-event surveys

Views: 20739

Since 67% of Event Marketers measure their ROI based on attendees’ satisfaction, asking good questions in your post-event...

The top 5 Facebook Groups for event profs

Views: 9897

Facebook Groups for event profs are great communities to keep updated on the latest industry developments and best-practices, get...

Top 7 lessons learned to make successful virtual events in 2021

Views: 8075

The top 7 lessons we learned throughout last year to make successful virtual events in 2021...

The 15 most popular contents of 2020

Views: 6086

What were the most popular contents of 2020? We published more than 110 articles, whitepapers, and e-books. For InEvent, it was a...

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