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Scaling you Marketing Team with InEvent and Marketo Integration

Posted on 04/04/2019

InEvent integration with Marketo has been delivering award winning experiences for more than a year now. Our integration evolved over time and this is a complete walkthrough that shows all possibilities and how to scale your Marketing Team using our integration with Marketo.

Here is a rule of thumb: if your events team can’t communicate with the marketing team, your whole Marketing area won’t scale. In the past, companies often tried to use a single Marketing platform for both teams, but these to-go solutions usually halted the scale of your events team. Now, you have great solutions available on the market for both teams, but without an integration between your platforms, your team will suffer from achieving their goals.


InEvent and Marketo has been the core integration for our customers that make use of it and to start off your scaling process, you first need to be contemplated with a mutual management flow that both your marketing team and event team can benefit from it. With that in mind, the first integration aspect you need is to aggregate your Calendar on both platforms.

For every new event created on our platform, a Program will be created on Marketo:

InEvent integration with Marketo Programs

You can also create a base program that will be cloned every time a new event is created on our end. This allows you to have more flexible Marketo Programs by having Smart Campaigns on your base program to be passed along to your new programs. All aspects of your base program are used when our integration runs.

Aggregated Events Calendar

You now have our integration running smoothly, but you don’t want to export your event list from InEvent and your program list from Marketo to have an overall view of your yearly calendar. Since all InEvent events are created automatically on Marketo, you can visualize all events directly there!

InEvent aggregated calendar

And more: if you need to change any information on InEvent regarding one of your events, such as name, dates, venue, these changes are updated automatically on Marketo.

Delivering your Event

Using your smart lists on InEvent is now easier than ever, just select one of your smart or static lists available on your Marketo account to import a full list of leads to invite and RSVP on your event.

Membership status updates

All basic information of your lead is pulled and their membership status on your Marketo Program is updated automatically.

Great! Now your leads will start filling in their registration forms. By doing it, it will change their status to Registered on both platforms, so you can keep track of everything that’s happening on either platform. Same for leads that rejected the invitation, they’ll be removed from the member list. In case one of your leads unsubscribes from your marketing communication, our systems will automatically update their Unsubscribed status on Marketo and fill a reason on their Unsubscribed Reason field.

Now, we’re on the digital age, so your guests expect to have an automated check-in system with a QR Code Badge Printing solution. By scanning their QR Codes on your self-service kiosk, they’ll receive a badge and their membership status will be updated to Attended on both platforms.

Integration Cheat Sheet

  • New events creates a new Program on Marketo automatically;
    • Cloning information from a base program is also available;
    • Smart Campaigns and other resources are also cloned;
  • InEvent events can be visualized directly on your Marketo Calendar;
  • Invites, registrations and more are added automatically to your Marketo program;
    • Custom fields are also contemplated;
  • Importing leads from your Marketo static and smart lists;
  • Handle unsubscriptions on both platforms (two-way sync);
  • Update lead data on InEvent and sync back to Marketo;
  • Don’t worry about duplicates: InEvent handles it for you;

I’m ready! Let’s scale!

Our integration is available on our Full Plan and you can use it Today. If you’re not a customer and would like to scale your Marketing Team, take a look on all plans available and choose the one that fits you better. You can always talk to an expert here.

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