The Most Compelling Post Event Questions For Virtual Conferences

The 13 most compelling questions for post-event surveys

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Posted on January 13, 2021

Since 67% of Event Marketers measure their ROI based on attendees’ satisfaction, asking good questions in your post-event surveys is a must. Event feedback increases your subsequent projects level significantly.

Therefore, we frequently curate and produce fresh content about ways to increase the response rate of your event’s feedback form.

In the article: Event Feedback: 10 ways to skyrocket attendees’ survey response rate, businesses of all sizes can learn actionable tips to start applying the best practices of feedback. And today, we’ll learn what are the questions your attendees are looking forward to hearing the most.

During a virtual event, every detail matters, often a situation that went unnoticed may have been quite uncomfortable for a group of people.

Therefore, it is essential to do a post-event satisfaction survey.

With it, you will be able to have a broader view of your work and better understand your audience.

Main benefits of a post event satisfaction survey include:

  • Evaluate if the overall objective was achieved
  • Evaluate what needs improvement
  • Get ideas and inspiration for these improvements to be applied
  • Get to understand your audiences behaviors and micro-moments
When to send post virtual events surveys?

When to send post virtual events surveys?

Ask them right-after the virtual event too, before they have something more important to distract them.

Thus, limit response options to 4, if you can.

Above all, remember that the goal is to get as many answers as you can, so you can get a relevant sampling.

So you don’t want: a) respondents having to spend too much reading through the options, and b) respondents deciding it looks too overwhelming to bother with. Make it quick for your attendee.

What tools to use for post-event surveys?

What tools to use for post-event surveys?

You have at your disposal some tools such as Google Forms, Typeform and Surveymonkey. Some of them are completely free, others have a limited free version, for a limited time.

For a professional approach, InEvent offers a more robust solution. Using the event management software made with the professional and events in mind, you will have the responses of your users integrated into your CRM, as well as the evolution of your satisfaction throughout the events in which you have participated.

The best, most answered, and most compelling questions for post-event surveys

The best, most answered, and most compelling questions for post-event surveys

  1. Overall, how did you like this virtual event?
  2. What was the highlight of the session?
  3. Was this virtual event too short, too long, or the right length?
  4. How easy was it to navigate through sessions and features of our virtual event?
  5. How do you rate the level of knowledge of our speakers?
  6. What would you like our speakers to share?
  7. How satisfied are you with the content presented?
  8. How satisfied are you with the format of this content was presented?
  9. Did you experience any technical problems that prevented your experience to be the best possible? If yes, what were they?
  10. How complex would you say the content is this virtual event was?
  11. How likely would you be to recommend our next virtual event to a friend?
  12. Are there any topics you’d like to see in our next virtual event?
  13. Additional comments
Analyzing the results and wrapping up

Analyzing the results and wrapping up

It is essential to be prepared to receive criticism. On the other hand, there are also compliments, which, although not worrying, confirm the points perceived by the organization as positive.

Complaints should be seen as opportunities to promote changes and improve processes. Combining highs and lows, it is possible to guide more accurate planning of future events.

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