The 15 most popular contents of 2020

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Posted on December 15, 2020

What were the most popular contents of 2020? We published more than 110 articles, whitepapers, and e-books. For InEvent, it was a very productive year in the quest to bring relevant and up to date content to help event profs succeed in their career and life.

We talked about everything concerning the events industry: trends, technology, entrepreneurship, marketing, management, sales, advertising, communications, and obviously, virtual events and everything else that comes with it.

Check out what were the most read articles of 2020 and revisit the insights to bring even better results to your business in 2021.

The most viewed posts of InEvent Blog in 2020

1. Aleksandra Panyukhina, Head of Event Marketing at SEMrush, reveals how to perfectly integrate digital and in-person experiences (30,076 views)

2. How to be successful with your RFP (22,307 views)

3. What’s an offsite meeting and how to organize one [with agenda example] (17,135 views)

4. What to expect from a post-pandemic world [8 macro insights and possible scenarios] (15,914 views)

5. Demystifying storytelling for business, with TED Speaker and Keynote Storyteller Dawn Herscher. (14,504 views)

6. How much does a mobile app for events cost [with price comparison tool] (11,347 views)

7. Why you need these 5 digital integrations to sell more (8,964 views)

8. 23 Event Pros and Digital Marketing influencers to follow [and all their social media profiles] (8,437 views)

9. How to increase productivity when working from home [5 step practical guide for teams and individuals] (5,091 views)

10. Carina Bauer, IMEX CEO: “The best virtual events are succinct.” (4,478 views)

11. 6 Elements Of A Great Online Event Landing Page (4,381 views)

12. How to pitch solid Virtual Events for brands and sponsors [with slide presentation plan] (3,859 views)

13. Increasing virtual events engagement (2,641 views)

14. Data privacy and security for virtual events [6 steps to adhere to GDPR and the CCPA] (2,294 views)

15. Top three virtual events quick wins we learned in 2020 (,2219 views)

What’s 2021 saving for us as the most popular contents of the year? While we wait to see, check out our blog resources and sign up for our newsletter to keep updated on the latest trends, features, and more regarding virtual events across the world:

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