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3 key takeaways from InEvent Kick-off 2022

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InEvent Kick-off 2021 was InEvent´s first event of the year, bringing together top marketing, tech, and event professionals to...

Corporate Event Trends for 2022 [and what you need to do about them]

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Our much expected report Corporate Event Trends for 2021 is out! Constant changes, demand for advanced and adaptable...

LinkedIn Top Voice Apolline Adiju: “Over 80% of companies are not aware of their problems.”

Views: 8997

Marketing Strategist Apolline Adiju has been elected among LinkedIn 2020 Top Voices in Marketing and Advertising. Today, she...

The 13 most compelling questions for post-event surveys

Views: 20672

Since 67% of Event Marketers measure their ROI based on attendees’ satisfaction, asking good questions in your post-event...

The top 5 Facebook Groups for event profs

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Facebook Groups for event profs are great communities to keep updated on the latest industry developments and best-practices, get...

Top 7 lessons learned to make successful virtual events in 2021

Views: 8052

The top 7 lessons we learned throughout last year to make successful virtual events in 2021...

The 15 most popular contents of 2020

Views: 6065

What were the most popular contents of 2020? We published more than 110 articles, whitepapers, and e-books. For InEvent, it was a...

Dream team: putting together the perfect team for virtual events

Views: 17717

With virtual events, we tend to be enthralled by the novelty, the technology, the shiny platforms, and features. However, while...

5 key takeaways from InEvent Fest

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InEvent Fest is a virtual summit bringing together thousands of event professionals, first-class speakers, and insightful panels....

Live polling questions and tools to elevate your engagement today [real examples]

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Live polling is an effective way to engage your audience in virtual events. While it may seem simple, organizers often struggle...

The 10 best LinkedIn groups for Event Profs to join now

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Whatever your specialty in the industry is, there are LinkedIn groups for event profs where you’ll fit in. Most importantly,...

Do’s and don´ts of digital events, with Makhezia Mensah

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Makhezia is the Founder of the African Seasoned Speakers Network (AfsesNet), and CEO of Citylife Management. With a business...

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