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InEvent announces its global brand positioning “Go Beyond”

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Posted on August 23, 2021

InEvent today announced its new tagline, Go Beyond, as the company is progressing its business strategies, working towards only the truly innovative technologies for corporate virtual or hybrid events. 

With Go Beyond, InEvent reinforces an essential aspect of its brand positioning as the number 1 choice for white-label event technology. InEvent platform is loaded with live streaming, attendee engagement, networking, sponsors tools, a marketing suite with emails and messages, built-in registration systems to collect data and analytics, digital integrations, and more.

“When covid-19 hit and companies started to host more virtual events, two slightly different markets grew. The companies that host virtual events occasionally, and not much technology is needed, and companies that host virtual events frequently, using custom-tailored technology, including 3D content, high-definition videos, translations, or a sign language channel. These features are not commonly offered, and we are certainly proud of our leadership in this area,” said Pedro Góes, founder and CEO at InEvent. 

“The brand campaign introduces the company position that has been the critical success factor of its recognition and growth. Corporate clients “Go Beyond” when they partner with the right technology, so we decided the best way to become recognized as the world’s leading virtual event technology is to simply tell it like it is. While it is assertive, it is also a creative brand positioning, and the marketing campaign will follow,” said Laura Vellozo, Brand and Marketing Communications Manager. 

The marketing campaign, which includes online advertising, social media, and a brand video in multiple channels is launched globally. The first online ads ran today in online magazines in the industry. InEvent social channels will be fully dedicated to the campaign for the entire week, with more appearing in the following weeks.

About InEvent

InEvent is a virtual and hybrid event platform based in Atlanta, USA. InEvent transforms enterprise events with digital technology. Its end-to-end premium solutions simplify training, event, travel, and community management.

Each step of a corporate events experience is powered by web, mobile, and APIs that connect stakeholders in a secure, automated, and personalized platform.

With worldwide offices, InEvent helps companies see the power of events, one of the world’s fastest-growing industries, and enables them to manage their compliance, create award-winning solutions and boost their engagement at events.

It has successfully improved more than 6,000 events/year with over 500 clients, collecting more than +60 million streaming minutes in 2020 alone. InEvent offers 24h support, branded scalable platform, transparent pricing, and feature-rich customizable tools.

For more information, visit https://inevent.com or contact: marketing@inevent.com

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