InEvent Launches Integration with HubSpot CRM

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Posted on July 21, 2022

InEvent, the leading provider of audiovisual solutions and tools to manage enterprise events and broadcasts, today announced a new integration with HubSpot. The integration with HubSpot, a globally recognized customer relationship management (CRM) provider, will empower InEvent users to sync their HubSpot data with the platform.

HubSpot is popular with InEvent clients and its integration will provide them with advanced insights to optimize their events and broadcasts, as well as perks to satisfy their workflow needs and pinpoint customer data. More benefits of the integration include:

Automatic lead synchronization

Users will be able to automatically import contacts using bidirectional workflows from InEvent to HubSpot and also HubSpot to InEvent

List synchronization with HubSpot workflows

Users will be able to sync new registrations from InEvent to workflows on the HubSpot integration

Detailed insights to build more sophisticated customer profiles

The integration will equip users with more data to better understand their customers by allowing them to tag new leads and know which event they came from. It will also enable users to build a cache of information on prospective customers

Targeted marketing and campaigns

Increased customer and prospect insights will also mean that users can tailor their communications and marketing to their customers. This will directly impact open rates and conversions as users will have a better grasp of the content their customers consider relevant

“Our latest integration with HubSpot ties into InEvent’s sustained commitment to the never-ending evolution of our product,” says InEvent CEO, Pedro Góes. “At InEvent, our endless pursuit of learning and growth is a core value that pushes us to constantly reinvent ourselves and outdo yesterday’s output. With the HubSpot integration, our users will have even more freedom and control over their data to drive their business objectives.” HubSpot joins a long list of product integrations provided by InEvent including Salesforce, Marketo, Zapier, Interprefy and others. It also follows InEvent’s big win earlier this month at the 2022 Conference and Events Awards, where it was named Virtual Events Platform of the Year.

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