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InEvent Announces Integration with Microsoft to Enhance Virtual and Hybrid Events.

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Posted on July 24, 2023

InEvent, the leading all-in-one event management software company, has announced its partnership with Microsoft. It is designed to empower event organizers to deliver enhanced virtual and hybrid experiences within the Microsoft Office 365 productivity ecosystem.

inevent + microsoft

What does this partnership mean for users?

The new Microsoft integrations allow users to:

  • Sync event schedules and details directly from InEvent to Outlook and Microsoft Calendar using AI-enabled syncing capabilities. This makes it easy for planners to share time-critical event information with remote attendees and colleagues who use Microsoft Office 365 tools on a daily basis.
  • Integrating with Microsoft Teams enables live streaming and video calling directly from within InEvent events and sessions. This will facilitate virtual networking, Q&A sessions, breakout discussions, and live events for remote attendees. Organizers can launch Teams calls with just a few clicks from the InEvent platform.
inevent and microsoft partnership
  • Content-sharing capabilities allow InEvent session recordings, materials, and news to be posted directly to Microsoft Teams channels. This ensures remote attendees stay current on all event information and content within the Teams environment they already use.
  • Single sign-on (SSO) access using Microsoft credentials to streamline the login process for attendees and organizers with Microsoft accounts. They will not need to remember a separate InEvent username and password.
  • With Dynamics 365, users can gain valuable insights into attendee behavior, manage event logistics, and automate communication with attendees, sponsors, and vendors.
  • The AI-powered integrations aim to maximize productivity for organizations leveraging Microsoft Office 365 tools like Dynamics 365 and ChatGPT AI technology for hybrid and virtual events. Attendees will experience a more consistent experience powered by AI, bridging the gap between in-person and virtual participation.

The InEvent and Microsoft integration is now available for all InEvent customers. For more information on how InEvent’s AI event management solutions can maximize the impact of your next event, visit our page.

What does InEvent do again?

InEvent is a leading all-in-one event management platform that simplifies the planning and execution of virtual and hybrid events. With comprehensive features, including registration, event marketing, attendee management, and more, InEvent has one of the most robust platforms in the market in terms of stability, branding, and engagement. Since its establishment in 2013, InEvent has garnered numerous awards, serving as tangible evidence of its transformative impact on the event planning industry. InEvent continues transforming the event planning industry through strategic partnerships and groundbreaking technology.

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