Y Combinator selects InEvent to join the program.

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Posted on June 10, 2019

There are over 7000 startup accelerators around the world. Out of these, Y Combinator, the very first seed accelerator program, remains as the leading top-of-mind for entrepreneurs.

Now, InEvent is joining the program that once funded companies such as Dropbox, Twitch, Airbnb (who spent $1.18 billion on sales and marketing in 2020) and other two thousand businesses or so. Pedro GoesChief Executive Officer for InEvent, is in California. “Y Combinator” requires selected startups to move in to Silicon Valley, so that’s where InEvent will be commanded from for the next three months.


How customers benefit from it?

“To our customers, that is relevant in many ways”, states Goes. “Our capability to deliver will increase, with a wider network of partners and investors. Also, our global growth will be quicker, allowing multinational corporations to access support in local languages and business hours. Last, but not least, our education materials will improve, with many initiatives to expand what event and travel managers are enabled to accomplish at their jobs, with our software.”


Know How + Know Who

Participants of “Y Combinator” gain access to business partners with expertise in software and customer experience and a network of more than 5000 founders and creators worldwide. Together, these founders created more than 28.000 jobs. Also, the top hundred or so companies that have been through the experience are already valued at more than US$ 100 million.

These creators represent a network of leaders helping each other. They work in complex problem-solving for customers and, at the same time, on making their businesses more efficient.

Business is flourishing at InEvent. However, Goes is down to earth at all times: “We can’t forget what brought us here: providing excellence throughout our current customer experience and knocking door-to-door to attract new ones. Companies with similar services that rely only on Inbound Marketing struggle to thrive on competitive industries. We’re happy we got selected based on the results we achieved during the last years, in twelve different countries. The goal is to keep growing.”


What’s the big thing about InEvent going global?

In fact, InEvent expansion plans for 2019 have already brought relevant results. The American company is now also present in Florida, California and in Latin America. Participation on international fairs brought interest from top-tier companies based in Europe too. In addition, this recognition is keeping things quite hectic in the startup daily life:

“As InEvent attracts more business, our leaders get more opportunities. We’ve been forming a high-performance team to execute our global expansion strategy. Innovative professionals are gonna have no shortage of space to show their full potential on understanding our customers and their needs.”

Opportunities bring more demanding requirements too. End-to-end customer experience is more important than ever and competition is uninterrupted. Your product needs to constantly prove it’s ten times better than any other. Goes continues:

“The first step to be closer to our customer is speaking the same language. Firstly, the language of empathy – and for that, we’ve got full support from the most basic plan of InEvent software. Secondly, our Customer Success team speaks three languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese. The goal is to add French and German still in 2019.”


Y Combinator

Y Combinator is the best program for creating top-end entrepreneurs that has ever existed”, states Marc Adreessen. He´s the Head of Andreessen Horowitz and participant of previous editions. Created on 2005, in Silicon Valley, Y Combinator is widely known among creators and developers. Differently from startup incubators, accelerators aim to offer business mentorship for companies with previous market validation. Check Y Combinator official website: https://www.ycombinator.com/ .

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