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Posted on May 30, 2019

InEvent is the only event-tech selected startup to take part on the program.

Since 2014, InEvent is empowering Event Planners to create magnificent experiences through it’s software, an all-in-one event management platform. And on 2019, the startup based in New York has been taken a huge step towards its growth plans. Tampa Bay Wave, a tech community and startup accelerator, selected InEvent to bring it ́s innovative solution to the program, in Florida.

What’s Tampa Bay Wave

Based on mentorship and consulting sessions, Wave is on it’s second edition. Selected startups get provided with orientation according to the stage they find themselves on. Companies are first divided on Build, Launch and Grow groups. Therefore, the program works on identifying and reaching their goals.

Regardless if the selected startups had just begun or are already on a scaling up stage, workshops and coaching sessions are expected to highly uplift and improve their performance.

About InEvent being the only event-tech company selected among more than a thousand applicants

Vinicus Neris, InEvent Chief Revenue Officer, is representing the company in Florida during the program. He states what it means to be the only event related startup to be selected and how InEvent intends to take advantage on it:

“InEvent is very honored to be chosen among maybe more than a thousand applicant companies. During the first days, wéve already got valuable advice and validation from the mentors. It’s a very decisive moment for the company, as we ́re aiming to grow in the US and European markets.”

InEvent has played an important role on the event tech ecosystem, as the software has been used throughout the world. More than 2.4 million attendees have participated of events organized with the platform, by major key players. Industries such as banking, e-commerce, retail and telecom have already put the platform to proof. Some of the companies already relying on the software include Coca-Cola, Amazon, Santander and Honda.

From Identifying Opportunities to Pitching Investors

Tampa Bay Wave program has had it’s kick off and things are gonna happen as fast paced as the tech universe is used to it. On next September, Tampa Bay Wave participating startups are gonna pitch their solutions for investors. Neris reveals how he is getting ready for the big moment and what are his expectations:

“From the ease of use to the preoccupation with data privacy, there´s a lot of challenges Event Planners and Agencies face at the moment. There´s no shortage of preoccupations for these professionals, so our mission is to provide a complete all-in-one solution.

Our new and current users have access to a drag-and-drop tool and full customer success support from the most basic plan, so they can spend their time on what really matters: planning, managing and delivering awesome experiences.

Some Media/PR/Event agencies actually get surprised when they realize our platform can be used throughout their operations. It fits from a simple activity to a complex multi-day conference or familiarization tour for executive.

And last, but not least, GDPR is here and we´re making sure to follow every single legislation aspect and best recommendations when it comes to keeping data safe. Therefore, that includes not selling customer data to any other company.”

Business and inclusivity

Tampa Bay Wave accelerator program supports companies based on a scalable business model. They also have to be experiencing some kind of  market validation. And in order to bring new players to the game, it focuses on companies owned by women, minorities, veterans, gays, transgender, lesbian or a combination of all of them. Since 2013, the program has supported more than 260 startups, raised over US$ 200mi and created 1600 jobs.

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