How to design and host customer-centric events

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How to design and host customer-centric events

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Learn the best practices to design and host customer-centric events. It´s impossible to prosper as a business neglecting...

Marketing Plan for Virtual Events: how CX makes its magic on attendees’ minds

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A recent report published by SuperOffice states that 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for better customer experience. CX is...

Is Customer Experience the new branding? With Josh King, Head of Business Development at emc3.

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Thanks to digitization, customers’ expectations often exceed the quality of brand experiences. In this scenario, is the focus...

What Personalization in Events really is and how to do it at scale.

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Customer personalization is the next event marketing foundation. It’s already filling gaps in the overall event experience and...

Conferences that don’t suck, with Adrian Segar [Interview]

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Customer–centricity and Customer Experience are hot topics of the event-marketing universe in the last decade. But Adrian...

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