10 Trend Reports for 2021 that every marketer needs to see

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10 Trend Reports for 2021 that every marketer needs to see

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We gathered the best trend reports for every marketer to be prepared for 2021. Thinking of a strategy to survive in the market,...

The 10 best LinkedIn groups for Event Profs to join now

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Whatever your specialty in the industry is, there are LinkedIn groups for event profs where you’ll fit in. Most importantly,...

Why is event marketing technology so popular? With G2 EMEA Marketing Manager Charlie Taylor.

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Familiarizing yourself with putting new marketing technology at the center of marketing strategies implementations, such as...

Event production common mistakes to avoid in 2020.

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As important as what you should do, it’s what you should not. Event production common mistakes can ruin weeks or even months of...

Technology in events, with Adam Parry [Interview]

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“Technology in events is no longer a separate entity. Its part and parcel of event business and design.” Adam Parry...

How to choose a keynote speaker to your event.

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So how do you choose a keynote speaker for your corporate event? Check out these tips for a successful choice in your event...

3 corporate event trends for 2019

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Some habits fall behind as new event trends emerge in the MICE industry every year. Event organizers who want to stay relevant...

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